Debate: Which Andrew Is the Better QB, Luck or Dalton?

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Debate: Which Andrew Is the Better QB, Luck or Dalton?

Luck and Dalton have never met in the regular season, but have enjoyed similar success in their young careers. Sunday they face off in Cincinnati. Who's the better QB?


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Dalton has a completion percentage of 61.4%, Luck's percentage is 58.1%. Dalton has thrown for 3144 yards this far, Luck has thrown for 2793. Dalton h...
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Luck by far, you put Dalton on the Colts and they don't win 4 games. Put Luck on Bungles and their competing with Denver for top dog in AFC.
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Lets put it this way. Put WR-A.J. Green (Wayne) RB- Green-Ellis (Ballard) TE-Gresham (Allen) G- Pollack (Thomas) on IR and lets see what Daltons stats...
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The hell with your stats because you even taking the time to look all of them up actually makes you look like an idiot. That's like saying which is t...
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I'm a die hard Bengals fan and I have been ever since I could remember but I'm not even gonna lie. Andrew Luck is by far the better quarterback. Dalto...
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