Report: The Original Sin Cara Done with WWE?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IDecember 3, 2013

Hunico as Sin Cara on Raw.
Hunico as Sin Cara on Raw.from

Sin Cara is back in WWE! Well, OK. A version of Sin Cara is back, anyway.

As Mike Johnson of PWInsider notes, it was in fact Hunico who wrestled behind the mask on Raw and defeated former world heavyweight Alberto Del Rio in a shock upset.

(Hunico has, of course, previously wrestled as an "evil" version of Sin Cara in 2011. He feuded with original Sin Cara over the rights to the gimmick.)

Alberto Del Rio takes the fight to Sin Cara.
Alberto Del Rio takes the fight to Sin Cara.from

Mistico, the real Sin Cara, was actually in Mexico on Monday night, something he confirmed on his official Twitter account right after the show was over.

So much for kayfabe and protecting the business.

Johnson mentions in the same report that at least one source in WWE believes Mistico is done with the company. Johnson notes this hasn't been 100 percent confirmed, though.

He goes on to say:

The decision was made yesterday to move forward with Hunico under the mask as Cara.

There had been a long-standing, inherent unhappiness with Cara from the day he debuted, feeling that he had underachieved upon arrival, had gotten hurt too often and often carried himself in the back as if he was bigger star than he actually was. Since he was the first signing under Triple H, there was a pressure to perform and break-through as a top star, but he never brought his star power or personality from Mexico into WWE with him.

Interestingly, on Monday night's edition of (subscribers-only) Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer mentioned that Mistico also looked to be finished with WWE. In fact, the reporter said Mistico had been eager to get out of his deal for quite some time now, feeling his career was going nowhere.

Sin Cara wins!
Sin Cara wins!from

Per Meltzer, the company had been planning to scrap the gimmick entirely, until strong sales for Sin Cara merchandise on the recent European tour convinced them that the character was worth salvaging. 

Granted, Hunico may not have the charisma or wrestling ability of Mistico, but he should be easier for management to deal with long-term, at least.

It must also be welcome news for him: without this gimmick, it would be easy to see the star continuing to languish in developmental and/or "B" shows like Superstars and Main Event.