CM Punk's Feud with the Shield Will Add New Life to His Character

Sharon GlencrossContributor IDecember 3, 2013

CM Punk and Roman Reigns face off on Raw.
CM Punk and Roman Reigns face off on Raw.from

Can CM Punk's current feud with The Shield help boost his WWE career?

Well, it might be too early to say for sure, but there's an abundance of evidence to indicate that it will.

Per new Director of Operations Kane, Punk will take on Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins in a handicap bout at TLC. Yikes. Even John Cena would struggle to overcome those insurmountable odds.

Despite this, the feud is still welcoming news for the former WWE champion.

First of all, it's more than time that CM Punk got involved with The Authority.

The Shield will take on CM Punk at the next pay-per-view.
The Shield will take on CM Punk at the next pay-per-view.from

Indeed, he's been noticeably absent from the program over the past four months (the wrestler claimed on Monday's Raw, “I live in my own little universe,” as an unintentionally hilarious explanation for why he's avoided Triple H and his acolytes so far).

With his tag team with Daniel Bryan apparently over, this new feud will at least give him something to do.

Working with The Shield—particularly rising star Reigns—should also help him. As indicated by his powerhouse performance at Survivor Series, Reigns is truly going to places in WWE.

And it will be a significant feather in Punk's cap if he can be the one who helps Reigns graduate to the main event scene.

Not that it's all clear sailing from here for the wrestler.

Really, a major problem with Punk's character is that he refuses to adapt or change it much. And it's difficult to see his current squabbles with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon turning that around.

The notorious “Summer of Punk” angle was well over two years ago. The work/shoot era in wrestling is a thing of the past at this point (except, of course, whenever Triple H feels like burying folks on the mic.)

CM Punk really needs to try something new.
CM Punk really needs to try something new.from

Truthfully, it wasn't even that much of a hit in the first place. Your average casual fan is just not into these complex backstage angles that require pretty detailed knowledge of things going in.

There’s also the fact that when you spend ages on the mic talking about how you’re going to change things, eventually you have to, you know, change things.

Yet, despite this, the wrestler continues to play the same sarcastic, wannabe-controversial role. On last Monday's Raw, he even cut a mind-numbingly predictable promo trashing Triple H's lack of creativity (shocker!) and name-dropping real-life friend Colt Cabana several times.


I have to think even Cabana is tired of getting brought up randomly on television for no reason whatsoever.

At this point, “The Best in the World” has become a bad parody of himself. Throwing Punk in with Triple H and Stephanie just sounds like trouble.

(The promo work alone would be dire.)

Ideally, the focus will be placed mainly on Punk vs. The Shield. At least with them he can produce excellent matches and continue to prove he is, in fact, one of the best wrestlers on the planet.

He can also, hopefully, find new places to go with his character.