Is Barbara Berlusconi Good for AC Milan?

Matteo BonettiContributor IDecember 3, 2013

VERONA, ITALY - FEBRUARY 20:  Barbara Berlusconi the daufhter of Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi looks on during the Serie A match between AC Chievo Verona and AC Milan at Stadio Marc'Antonio Bentegodi on February 20, 2011 in Verona, Italy.  (Photo by Roberto Serra/Getty Images)
Roberto Serra/Getty Images

The recent rift between Adriano Galliani and Milan was heavily documented and actually seemed to spur the team on, as they won their second consecutive game in all competitions.

The apparent problem between Galliani and the rest of the team had to do with unfair criticism launched in his direction, and the sporting director who has spent nearly three decades with the club seemingly had enough.

The idea was that Silvio Berlusconi's daughter Barbara would take over for Galliani, but the latest reports have confirmed that she will now split duties with him.

While Galliani will continue handling the technical side of the team, deciding which pieces fit in best for the Rossoneri going forward, Barbara will exclusively handle the marketing side of things and plans for a new stadium.

Adriano Galliani shares a moment of laughter with his son and Barbara
Adriano Galliani shares a moment of laughter with his son and BarbaraRoberto Serra/Getty Images

Barbara pleaded to her father for an organizational change following a string of poor domestic results, which apparently irked Galliani. However, the President's daughter backtracked on her comments, saying that she has no issue with Milan's director.

If there's one positive note to mention about Barbara's new position in marketing, it is that she is probably more in touch with the new generation and knows how to appeal to them on a worldwide basis. Milan's marketing efforts are still some of the best in Italy, and they certainly do themselves plenty of favors by traveling to the United States every summer to play in the ICC.

Barbara watches on with Umberto Gandini behind her
Barbara watches on with Umberto Gandini behind herClaudio Villa/Getty Images

Unfortunately, Barbara's involvement in the team has backfired in the past. Most recently, her relationship with former Milan striker Alexandre Pato could be viewed as one of the reasons why the Brazilian didn't move to Paris Saint-Germain when a lavish offer was put on the table. 

Obviously, these claims were denied, but it's unfortunate that only a year later Pato was sold to Brazilian side Corinthians for only a fraction of the money they could have gotten from the French giants.

Now that the love affair between the two is over, Barbara can hopefully focus more on the team rather than getting caught up with some of the players, which could cause a major conflict of interests. 

Purely out of speculation, it makes sense that Pato's downfall at the club happened at around the time when he started dating Barbara. Just imagine knowing that the father of your girlfriend is the one who's paying your checks. Surely a bit of fire was lost, and it was evident on the pitch.

Bizarre love stories aside, the best news for Milanisti is that someone with the experience of Adriano Galliani will continue handling transfers, while Barbara will be put in a role where she has the potential to flourish without being in the national spotlight.

For now, the decision made by President Berlusconi is the correct one. Silvio talked Galliani back into the team and made it clear how he'd like the roles to be split between him and his daughter.