2014 World Cup Draw Pots Revealed, Updates on Prize Money

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2014 World Cup Draw Pots Revealed, Updates on Prize Money
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FIFA officially announced the pots for this week's World Cup draw as well as the prize money on the line in next summer's international football showcase. The draw itself, which will place the 32 teams into eight groups, is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 6.   

Pot 1 is headlined by the top four contenders: Brazil, Spain, Germany and Argentina. Pot 2 has only seven teams for the time being, but a European team for Pot 4 will eventually fill the void. The United States and Mexico headline Pot 3.

Following are the results of Tuesday's meeting of the World Cup organizing committee. Click here to watch the live press conference that follows the meeting.

Pots for 2014 World Cup Draw

Pot 1
National Team FIFA Ranking
Brazil 10
Spain 1
Germany 2
Argentina 3
Colombia 4
Uruguay 6
Switzerland 8
Belgium 11


Pot 1 is comprised of host nation Brazil and the seven top-ranked teams from FIFA's October rankings. These will be the headline squads for each group, and those outside it will likely be rooting for a spot alongside Switzerland, or at least to avoid Brazil, Spain, Germany or Argentina.

Pot 2
National Team FIFA Ranking
Algeria 26
Cameroon 51
Ivory Coast 17
Ghana 24
Nigeria 36
Chile 15
Ecuador 23


At the outset, Pot 2 only has seven teams, made up of national teams from Africa and the South American squads not in Pot 1. Eventually, another European team will be drawn into this pot, but there will be a separate “Pot X” created to avoid three teams from UEFA ending up in the same group.

The Telegraph tries to sort out the complicated process:

Jeremy Wilson of The Telegraph provides this quote from Sepp Blatter, who explains why France wasn't placed into Pot 2 automatically:

The decision was taken by Fifa’s executive committee, all the confederation presidents. We are at a draw and we should have a draw. It’s easy to say it. Let us draw all the teams, and not pick one out.

Pot 3
National Team FIFA Ranking
Australia 59
Iran 45
Japan 48
Korea Republic 54
Costa Rica 31
Honduras 41
Mexico 20
United States 14


Pot 3 is straightforward. It's comprised of teams that qualified from the Asian and North American regions, which includes the United States and Mexico. Teams from this pot will need luck in order to avoid a very difficult draw.

Pot 4
National Team FIFA Ranking
Bosnia and Herzegovina 21
Croatia 16
England 13
France 19
Greece 12
Italy 7
Netherlands 9
Portugal 5
Russia 22


Finally, the fourth pot is all of the remaining European teams. Since there are nine sides, it creates an imbalance that will get sorted out when one is drawn into Pot 2. But again, FIFA is going to immediately draw a South American team from "Pot X" and European team together to avoid three UEFA teams ending up together, as explained during the press conference.

Paul Carr of ESPN provides a graphical look at the breakdown:

Updates on Prize Money for 2014 World Cup

Mark Bisson of World Football Insider provides the confirmed prize money:

Bisson previously reported on Tuesday, Dec. 3, at least a 33 percent increase on the amount of prize money available in 2014 over the totals from 2010, when $420 million was up for grabs.

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