Playing Favorites Who Will It Be ?

Rich HallstromContributor IMay 29, 2009

1986:  Head coach Chuck Knox of the Seattle Seahawks watches from the sidelines during the 1986 NFL game.  (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

When considering which edition of the Seahawks to choose  as my all - time favorite it would have been easy to select the group that Mike Holmgren guided to Detroit but that's exactly why I chose the 1983 model guided by Chuck Knox. "Ground Chuck's" game plan was simple but effective. Control the ball with rookie running sensation Curt Warner and let Dave Krieg throw just enough to future HOF WR Steve Largent.

     On defense, the veterans truly ran the show with Kenny Easley as there leader but he wasn't the only weapon with Jeff Bryant and Jacob Green leading the defensive front along with Joe Nash managing to block a crucial FG attempt every so often.  It was also during this time that Seattle gained a reputation on special teams thanks to  PK Norm Johnson.

  When looking back on the Hawks first foray into the playoffs I have three definitive memories from '83.

*Two huge wins over the archrival Raiders who eventually would stop the Hawks dream season in the AFC Championship game.

*Curt Warner gains nearly 1,500 yards on his way to being named AFC Offensive Player of the year and Seahawks MVP.

*The Hawks save their best for last by defeating  the Miami Dolphins at the Orange Bowl 27-20.

     Chuck Knox helped guide Seattle from expansion team to respectable playoff contender during his time in the Pacific Northwest reminding us all that the next time you have that prime rib perfectly placed on a plate make sure that there is a little "Ground Chuck" nearby to balance everything out.