Free-Agent Spotlight: Grant Balfour

Zachary D. RymerMLB Lead WriterDecember 2, 2013

Some closers prefer to go about their business quietly and calmly. Others, however, prefer to rage when they close games.

And nobody does that quite like Grant Balfour.

After spending the last three seasons with the Oakland A’s, the live-wired Australia native is in excellent position to walk away from free agency with a fat contract. Balfour was virtually flawless as Oakland’s closer in the last two seasons, saving 62 out of 67 games and 44 straight at one point to establish himself as a “proven closer.”

MLB Lead Writer Zachary D. Rymer is here to dish on how Balfour fits into the “proven closer” market. He’ll touch on why Balfour deserves some looks, but also on why teams might want to be wary about signing him up for millions of dollars each year. As per usual, he’ll end with a list of possible suitors for the closer’s services.

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