Perfection IS a Reality!!!! 17-0, Unmatched Excellence 35 Years Strong

Luis GonzalezCorrespondent IMay 29, 2009

PERFECT!!!!! 17 and 0!!!!!!!!!!!

 What read on every news paper in shelves in Miami and nationally the day after The Miami Dolphins set a record that would remain
in effect for 35 years!

 You have to admire a team that attains perfection in any sport and the NFL is no different. In a time where steroids and questions
fill the air, one has to admire the ones that did it fair and clean, made no excuses, and remained undefeated. Ask the modern day 18 -1 New England patriots,
or ask the 1985 Bears how falling one game shy feels.

The 1972 Dolphins did it with a no name defense, and a brutilizing run game that knocked all 17 teams faced senseless. They did it without the flash and dash of high priced athletes, they did it with men who were virtually cast offs who believed
in their team and it cause. A team to look up to even today. A team chock full of what some teams are missing completly, heart, and the will to win against all odds.

 It could be argued that Miami started the two back system we see so apparent in the league in 1972. Larry Csonka the unmatched power, Mecury Morris
the speedster with quick feet, and the perfect spell back in Jim Kiick. Not that it was to Kiicks liking but the starting backs along with
this former feature back were just what the Dolphins needed to Pummel, Pillage, and attain Perfection. The Defense to the modern man could be best
compared to the ravens of 2000. Ray Lewis being Nick Buoniconti, great saftey help over the top from Jake Scott and Dick Anderson, and
defensive tackle Manny Fernandez making noise every play for every offense. Did you know Manny had bad eye sight and couldn't even see half the time.
The Dolphins weren't a team of excuses, they were a team of execution.

 Earl Morrall managed games and limited turnovers while Larry Csonka pounded defenses.  Mecury Morris added the speed element to the offense
and these two backs are the first pair of backs to each rush for over 1ooo yards in NFL history, Csonka with 1117 yard rushing and Morris with 1000
rushing yards respectively. the no name defense boasted 4 pro-bowlers in Jake Scott, Dick Anderson, Nick Buoniconti, and Bill Stanfill. they also weren't
to shy at letting you feel the # 1 ranked defense, and # 2 ranked team in turnover differential in the NFL.
 With only five players in the hall of fame and head coach don Shula heading the class the 1972 dolphins may be the most unappreciated
team in NFL history. Ask the New England Patriots of 2007, who had signed an ungodly amount of free agents, including randy moss, and Donte Stallworth.
Not to mention taking Sammy Morris and Wes Welker, technically the heart and soul of the dolphins offense the season before absorbed like the Borg.
18 and 1 however is all they can muster, because besides one anomaly, one exception to the rule, any given team can win on any given Sunday.

 This only helps to add to the mystique and admiration of what the 1972 Dolphins did, it helps to give the modern man perspective on the
game as it was and how its lasting effects are felt today. Without free agency and the money era, the M dolphins did the most impossible thing
in the hardest times in league history so far as playing was concerned. Modern Advancements could only do so much and the Miami Dolphins perfect season
would still be the ultimate excellence any team in the off season would look up to and hope to mimic, and had they had the technology that we have today
its arguable the league would be just as fast and strong.


 Words can vaguely describe the greatest team ever in NFL history because they were a nitty gritty bunch of winners. Champions who did whatever
it took to whoever it took to be the best team in the land. this is truly an example of excellence.

 Simply put this was the best team of all time!!!! 17 and 0, the zero speaks louder than any of my words can!!!!!!