Report: Update on Layla's Status in WWE

Sharon GlencrossContributor IDecember 2, 2013

Layla, off television.
Layla, off television.from

A new report has emerged on WWE Diva Layla El, who has been notably absent from the company in recent months.

Fans of the star must have been wondering just what was going on with the former Divas champion.

Her heel turn and storyline alliance with A.J. Lee in August was abruptly dropped with no explanation, with Tamina Snuka taking over from the former Miami Heat dancer as Lee's new bodyguard/best friend.

Anyone remember this angle?
Anyone remember this angle?from

Layla was also absent from the 14-woman elimination match at the Survivor Series pay-per-view last month.

This was odd because even Rosa Mendes and Aksana, arguably two of the worst wrestlers on the whole roster, were given spots in the bout.

But somehow WWE couldn't find a role for Layla, a talented veteran who was single-handedly holding the division together in 2010 and 2011?

She hasn't been working house shows or tapings, either.

Where is Layla?
Where is Layla?from

Well, it turns out there is more to this story beyond WWE management simply not wanting to use the 36-year-old.

PWInsider Elite, via WrestlingInc, notes that the Diva has been facing an undisclosed medical issue over the past few months, hence her absence from television and house shows.

We noted before how WWE Diva Layla has went well over a month without appearing on WWE TV and had been absent from social media for about a month before returning last week. Word is that Layla was removed from the road due to some unknown medical issues she had to deal with. There is no concrete word on when she will be brought back. The story is that she was given some time off for the medical issue that came up, WWE was aware of it and fine with it.

Here's hoping Layla can rebound from whatever health issues she has and return to the roster, preferably to pick up her angle with Lee again.

Will Layla ever get a Divas Championship run again?
Will Layla ever get a Divas Championship run again?from

While she may have been woefully underused over the last 18 months, she's still one of the better female wrestlers under contract. And, as noted, she's light years ahead of the likes of Mendes, Nikki Bella or Aksana. 

The Diva has demonstrated in the past she can be a great asset to the company. Anyone remember her wonderful work in the wickedly entertaining heel stable LayCool?

She just needs to be given the chance.