Paul George Talking Grapes Is Possibly the Most Pacers Video Available

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"My favorite fruit is grapes." — Paul George

The Indiana Pacers are off to a hot start, going 16-1 in their first 17 games. They are powerful, prolific and their defense is tough to handle.

One thing they are not is polarizing.

We aren't exactly talking about the early 1990s Detroit Pistons "Bad Boys" here, so you really have to wonder if the video posted above of star Paul George pondering his favorite fruit is the most "Pacers" video crafted thus far this season.

The video was spotted by Lang Whitaker and posted to's All Ball blog. And thank goodness for that, because we may have never learned the true identity of George's favorite fruit.

Now before we crown this video the most charming ever, it does have some competition. Whitaker also spotted the following video of George Hill fawning over strawberries.  

Really, the only thing more wholesome would be the entire Pacers squad sitting down to a picnic where they pal around and discuss the finer points of this amazing peanut butter and jelly sandwich Roy Hibbert decided to share!

Suddenly we have visions of the team helping elderly women cross the street and delivering apple pies to those in need of delicious sustenance. In a word, this team is just swell.

As for the impetus behind the video, it seems like a way to endorse healthy eating throughout the Indianapolis School District—at least that's what we assume from the video.

There is a great deal more information on the "Find Your Favorite" initiative at The Produce Mom's official website

There, Lori Taylor explains:

Through the help of heroes like Coby Fleener, Tamika Catchings, Emily Dyson & Gus Chavez, we are glamorizing healthy choices.  Find Your Favorite will encourage schoolchildren and their families to explore the abundant, seasonal offerings of fruits and vegetables.

As you can see, the wholesome good deeds and healthful eating isn't relegated to Indy's NBA franchise. It just so happens that seeing George, a player who continues to grow as an NBA star, talk about grapes for a few moments moves the meter on the Internet.

Now go out and spread the word: George likes grapes, Hill loves strawberries and there is really nothing bad we can say about the Pacers at the moment.

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