The Undisputed Championship Will Usher in a New Era in WWE

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIDecember 2, 2013

One word: Classic
One word: ClassicImage courtesy of Belt Talk

The time has finally come in the WWE.

A new Undisputed Champion will see the light of day in coming weeks, and it is a creative decision worth cheering for.

Gone will be the days of separation. The remnants of WCW will be buried along with the "big gold belt" so a new, truer WWE can be born.

It has been almost 12 years since the brand separation. Those days are gone. One united roster required one unified Divas title, one unified Tag Team title, some second-tier championships, and at long last, only one man to rule as king of the mountain.

This is how it is in sports. Boxing, UFC, Olympics and now WWE, just like in the golden days.

A new era is ready to be unveiled. It will come with some sacrifice but also with a lot of promise, as the top performers will have to up their games if they are ever to touch that shiny gold belt.

Having one World Champion means the value of the other titles will rise—perhaps even surpass their former glorysince there is a little less to go around. People will covet them more, and some new feuds and programs could be created as a result.

Remember that a championship must exceed the Superstar and not the other way around.

Randy Orton will never be "above" the Intercontinental Championship, and he would be deluded to think he was.

An example would be Ric Flair, who celebrated his IC title victory by claiming it was one of the greatest moments of his illustrious career.

He was right.

For too long now, die-hard fans have been crying out for a taste of the days of old, a more classic time. After much debate, the company settled on the decision to go forward with unification.

Make no mistake about it, this incredible moment will be promoted heavily, but it most likely will not happen in December. Rather, it will likely happen at the most extravagant event in company history: WrestleMania XXX in April 2014.

There is no better time or place.

1914 will be the year everyone remembers because of World War I, the great conflict that rearranged the face of Europe and the world.

Well, 2014 will also be met with a great war, and as a result, the face and landscape of the WWE will be altered forever.


Maybe not. Vince McMahon and company are masters of their craft and could have planned this for months.

Personally, I jump for joy at the thought of an undisputed champion. It has been written down in my list of predictions for years now.

As much as it is a pleasure, it's all about business, and it's the best decision made in years.

Times have changed, indeed, in this company. New challenges have arisen and the faces of this business will have their work cut out for them.

It will soon be time to find a suitable replacement for John Cena—or at least someone powerful to work alongside him. The man will not go on like this forever. His will can, but his body won't be able to follow.

Looking at WWE moving forward as a positive sign could be a most profitable endeavor. 

Like The Authority loves saying week after week, it's what's best for business.

Case closed.