Gran Turismo 6: Breaking Down Game's Trophy List and Latest Trailer

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIDecember 2, 2013

image from Gran Turismo 6

Who wants a Gran Turismo platinum trophy?

If you answered "I do" under your breath—or even scarier, aloud—then here's what you have to do: You must unlock every trophy on the list for the soon-to-be released Gran Turismo 6, exclusively available for the PlayStation 3.

That's right. On Dec. 6, GT6 will drop, and it's not available on the still fresh PlayStation 4. We'll have to wait until 2014 for the next-generation version, per KpopStarz. And don't take that to mean GT6 will lack visual appeal.

The graphics in the latest title from the legendary racing series pushes the PS3 to its graphical limits—at least that's how it seems. In any case, it is safe to say fans of the series will not feel cheated.

Take a look at this trailer that shows off the visual excellence.


How About Those Trophies?

In total, there are 51 trophies available for GT6.

They range from career-based challenges, such as the Careerist National and International trophies, to the test-based accolades like All-Gold National and International licenses.

GT has always offered a lengthy career experience, and it appears GT6 will be no exception. With 1,197 cars, per Leon Hurley of the Official PlayStation Magazine in the United Kingdom, a GPS-based course-maker option and 29 preset tracks, there is more than enough to keep fans interested.

If you fight through all the tasks the game has to offer, you'll also earn the Finale trophy. This is basically the payoff for finishing the career mode.

In years past, the ending movie has been fitting for such a large game. This year, there is a standard and long-form version of the final movie. What's cooler than a director's cut in a video game? Nothing.

Anytime you spend a lot of time completing a game, you want the ending to really leave you feeling satisfied. Without having actually seen the cut scenes and media available, I'm expecting something epic. This could very well be the last version of GT on PS3, so it would seem logical that the developers would send the game into the next-generation console with a bang.

You can find the full list of trophies on Exophase.

Stay tuned for a full review once the game is officially released.   


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