Peter King Knows the F-Word According to 'Dan Patrick Show' Blunder

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Peter King Knows the F-Word According to 'Dan Patrick Show' Blunder
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Peter King, please make your contribution directly to the swear jar.

Monday Morning Quarterback's Peter King was on The Dan Patrick Show Monday morning when he let an expletive fly while the microphone was hot.

To be fair, it was rather cool prior to King offering, "He's just (expletive) nutty," causing the live mic to heat up to scorching levels.

Thanks to The Big Lead, the NSFW video follows:

And now the great December mystery of 2013 has begun.

Stephen Douglas, writing for TBL, wasn't sure to whom King was referring, nor was Deadspin's Barry Petchesky, so we leave it to you sleuths or mere fans who were actually listening in to answer the question of whom King was referencing.

Hearing King use an F-bomb is roughly the equivalent of hearing your normally subdued uncle let an expletive out at Thanksgiving dinner when he finds the stuffing is gone; it's shocking, jarring and a tad discombobulating.

Time can now be measured pre-King expletive and post F-bomb blunder. If we are being completely honest and measured in our response, we might offer that this is the football watershed moment that changes the entire landscape of the sport.

Or not.

King issued the following "my bad!" on Twitter:

Either way, it's pretty funny to hear King as he gets comfortable and assumes the show is still in commercial break. That's when he offers that someone is the kind of crazy that absolutely needs a preceding expletive to sidle up and join his term "nutty."

That's when Patrick slyly asks how much time until they get back, to which he gets confirmation they are actually on.


Don't worry, guys. As it turns out, we all use naughty language throughout the day, even Peter King, which is really rather refreshing.

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