Breaking Down Why Roman Reigns' Spear Is Such an Effective Finishing Move

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterDecember 2, 2013

The spear to Roman Reigns is what the hammer is for Thor, a weapon seemingly born to be grasped by him.

An elite finishing move is an important part of the total WWE Superstar package, and Reigns already has his. It's not just that the spear is a great finishing move but that Reigns hits it so fantastically that it has helped make him a dominant force, a crowd-pleasing warrior. 

The move's versatility and simplicity merge with his power and energy to create a move that is arguably the best in the WWE today.

Of the multitude of WWE experiences fans can have, watching Reigns leave his feet to deliver a spear is among the most powerful. The following is a look at the components that make Reigns' finisher so effective and so compelling.

Reigns hits John Cena with a spear.
Reigns hits John Cena with a


A Simple, Believable Tool

The spear is a stripped-down, straightforward finishing move. A wrestler runs at another wrestler and smashes into him or her. It's entertainment value is in its violence and intensity. 

It was the perfect move to give Goldberg, a former defensive tackle at the University of Georgia, as it is essentially a version of a football tackle.

Reigns, a former defensive tackle himself, is not only carrying on Goldberg's tradition but competing for best spear of all time. Fans have taken notice.

His size is an asset in delivering the move effectively and impressively. Christian, Joey Ryan and Scott Lost all perform the move, but their lack of size makes it less compelling that Reigns' version. 

His 265-pound frame makes him an intimidating force, one that could believably smash into someone and leave them unable to answer a three-count.

Big Show is far bigger than Reigns, but his spear doesn't ignite the audience in the same way.

Reigns' athleticism and speed combined with his muscular build results in a battering ram with a jet engine. When he crashes into someone like Sheamus and the impact results in a broken security barricade, it's not only thrilling but highly believable as well.

The move has allowed Reigns to best use his physical gifts rather than some convoluted slam maneuver. 

Not only does the spear maximize his power and explosiveness, though, it makes full use of his burning intensity as well.


A Beast Set Loose

Reigns hurls his body at his foe in such a fearless way that it feels as if he's been fired out of a cannon. When CM Punk looked to save Daniel Bryan from The Wyatt Family, he turned just in time to see Reigns rocketing toward him.

The spear Reigns delivered that night featured far more intensity and energy than when most wrestlers use the move.

Reigns' build certainly helps add to the visual package, but it's the explosiveness with which he nails the move that makes it elite. It's that trait that made him a dangerous player at Georgia Tech, even after the quarterback threw the ball.

Compare the collision with Punk to Bo Dallas' spear on Epico in NXT.

Dallas seems to be holding something back while Reigns almost always seems to flooring it as he crashes into his victim. The energy and intensity that makes Reigns such a compelling performer overall is most clear during the spear.

Christian is often rabid before he hits his version of the move. There's excitement as he leaps toward his opponent, but it just doesn't compare with the spark that Reigns brings. Christian's spear, like many others, is simply good while Reigns' version is artful violence.

Roaring like some enraged beast as he hits the move certainly helps.

There is a visceral energy to Reigns' spear. The stampeding he does before it, the violent impact and the animalistic noises he emits all combine to create a move that suits him perfectly and lifts the crowd to its feet.

That move can happen at any time and against any opponent.


Out of Nowhere, Against Anybody

Punk wouldn't be able to lift the Big Show to hit the Go To Sleep. The same goes for Damien Sandow should he find himself in a match against Mark Henry, trying to earn the win with his full nelson slam.

Reigns' foes, on the other hand, cannot escape the spear with their girth.

That has allowed Reigns to use the move on big men like Kane and Big Show. It has meant that no one is safe, which aids Reigns in terms of perception because fans believe that no matter the opponent, Reigns' best weapon still works.

This helps give the audience the impression that Reigns can beat anybody.

The three-count that follows Reigns' spear can happen at any moment during the match as well. Just ask Dolph Ziggler, who fell victim to the move while in mid-air.

Like Shawn Michaels' Sweet Chin Music or Randy Orton's RKO, the spear requires very little setup. Rey Mysterio must force his foe to his knees with his head hanging over the middle ring rope. Booker T needed to wait until his opponent was bent over to hit the Scissors Kick.

Reigns' finishing move can be hit on a kneeling, standing, leaning or flying foe.

That has made for some surprising and exciting finishes to matches. It has also allowed Reigns to go a spear rampage during his bouts, as he did in the 11-on-3 handicap match on Raw and at Survivor Series.

GIF from Daily Wrestling News

It's that move that will keep Reigns powering forward as long as the reaction to it from WWE fans continues to be electric. The way that fans chant for Orton to use the RKO, hoping to see the finisher live, expect audiences to begin to call for Reigns' spear.

WWE was wise to have Reigns be the latest wielder of that weapon, as he has swung it so effectively that even Goldberg's once seemingly permanent spot as all-time king of the spear has suddenly become shaky.