Big E Langston and Mark Henry Pairing Should Lead to WrestleMania Match

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Big E Langston and Mark Henry Pairing Should Lead to WrestleMania Match

Last week on Raw, power lifters Big E Langston and Mark Henry teamed up to defeat Ryback and Curtis Axel. The two had been kept apart until recently, not only despite their similar backgrounds but because of them.

A Langston-Henry interaction of any ilk makes sense given the similarities between the two. Every second they are kept apart is an investment in what could be a lucrative future interaction.

According to (via, the logical feud between Big E Langston and Mark Henry is expected to commence coming off their spontaneous tag team. That's the good news.

The bad news is WWE appears to be fast-tracking this feud for a Royal Rumble match.

The Royal Rumble takes place in just over a month, which will not be nearly enough time to tease, develop and execute a real conflict that leads to a money match.

There are star-making and torch-passing implications in a Big E Langston win over Mark Henry. The student-pupil relationship needs to extend over a course of multiple months for any eventual feud to mean something.

Royal Rumble should not be the culmination of a Henry-Langston tilt—it should be the beginning. The WWE's second-biggest pay-per-view has always been a strong jumping-off point for WrestleMania feuds.

The every-man-for-himself stipulation opens up the proverbial playbook when it comes to which rivalry could be spawned from a simple elimination.

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Instead of a match between Langston and Henry at the Royal Rumble, why not an elimination? Following weeks of teaming together, this would be the tease needed to illustrate the process of a breakout star.

With Langston being the current Intercontinental champion, defending the title against a WWE veteran of Mark Henry's stature at WrestleMania would only help the perennially lackluster title. Henry is clearly on borrowed time with injuries piling up during what has been a brilliant twilight of his career. 

There are few better sendoffs for Henry than to put over WWE's next great power lifter at its biggest show with a championship at stake.

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