WWE's Miz Will Continue to Tread Water as a Heel

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistDecember 1, 2013

From WWE.com

Last week on Raw, The Miz turned heel after he abandoned tag team partner Kofi Kingston. The turn saw the end to a long period during which Miz mired in irrelevance as a babyface. Miz's ineffectiveness as a babyface was a direct result of the lack of motivation for his turn to begin with.

Following a match with Kingston leading up to Survivor Series last year, The Miz simply showed up as a babyface on an ensuing Raw. As a freshly minted face, he lobbied to join Team Foley.

Without a basis for his turn or any character development, babyface Miz was essentially heel Miz seeking approval from fans.

This made him even more unlikeable for the wrong reasons.

Fast-forward one year to Survivor Series 2013, and Miz went from a babyface with no direction to debuting as a heel with no direction. Miz's turn did not stir productive anger or heat within WWE's fanbase since he did not have a connection with the audience as a babyface to begin with.

Miz further buried his own villainy with a confounding segment alongside Raw guest host Michael Strahan and Titus O'Neil. After taking a shot at the New York Giants, Miz broke the fourth wall by sarcastically, and almost apologetically, referring to himself as a bad guy.

The segment ended with Miz celebrating in the ring with Strahan and O'Neil, which further blurred the line of whether or not he was truly a heel.

Back in character, Miz followed up with a win over Kingston later that night.

Miz has not been the focal point of WWE programming for years. The lack of focus on his character altogether will make it impossible for Miz to be anywhere near the heel champion whose smarmy antics carried hm to a WrestleMania main event.

During Miz's babyface run, Stephanie McMahon cut a close-to-home promo with the Executive Vice President dismissing him as a utility player who is needed only to promote the WWE brand.

With Miz failing to gain any measure of revenge en route to a heel turn, fans will continue to struggle to take him seriously.

Expect more of the same for The Miz moving forward. Unfortunately, that's not saying much.


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