BCS Standings 2013: Twitter Reacts to 7th Release of Top 25 Standings

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BCS Standings 2013: Twitter Reacts to 7th Release of Top 25 Standings
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After one of the wildest college football Saturdays ever, many couldn't wait to see the aftermath of the BCS picture. 

Florida State was undoubtedly looking at the No. 1 spot following its comprehensive win over Florida, but how would Ohio State and Auburn proceed the Seminoles?

Could the Tigers' unbelievable win over No. 1 Alabama propel them over the Buckeyes, who held off Michigan thanks to a late two-point stop, or would Urban Meyer's undefeated squad hop into the national championship spot as projected?

Let's take a look:

Week 15 BCS Rankings
Ranking Team AVG Previous Ranking Ranking
1 Florida State .9948 2 1
2 Ohio State .9503 3 2
3 Auburn .9233 4 3
4 Alabama .8539 1 4
5 Missouri .8428 5 5
6 Oklahoma State .7629 7 6
7 Stanford .7069 8 7
8 South Carolina .7037 10 8
9 Baylor .6623 9 9
10 Michigan State .6529 11 10
11 Arizona State .5833 12 11
12 Oregon .5321 13 12
13 Clemson .5201 6 13
14 Northern Illinois .4812 14 14
15 LSU .4213 17 15
16 Central Florida .3858 19 16
17 Oklahoma .3808 18 17
18 UCLA .3506 22 18
19 Louisville .2630 20 19
20 Duke .2252 24 20
21 Wisconsin .1988 15 21
22 Georgia .1143 NR 22
23 Fresno State .1006 16 23
24 Texas A&M .0995 21 24
25 Texas .0666 NR 25


Why not start at the top? The Seminoles' official Twitter feed commemorated the team's return to No. 1:

If the Seminoles' last appearance at this spot is any indication of what's to come, Jimbo Fisher's squad is in terrific shape. From ESPN Stats & Info:

From the same Twitter feed, No. 4 Alabama now has this unfortunate distinction to go along with being on the wrong side of Saturday's game of the century:

The team that will face FSU in the national championship—assuming the Seminoles knock off No. 20 Duke in the ACC title game—will come down the Big Ten, the SEC and the voters. 

As Sports Illustrated's Stewart Mandel pointed out, the debate surrounding OSU and AU from Saturday night was a little overblown, as there remained a significant gap between the two schools, at least for now:

That being said, there is still plenty of room for potential controversy. Auburn can still add a win over No. 5 Missouri, while Ohio State "only" stands to bolster its resume with a victory against No. 10 Michigan State.

Nevertheless, Mandel, with the help of ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit, doesn't believe the Tigers can make that jump should both teams win their conference championship:

As Yahoo! Sports' Pat Forde pointed out, that means there is a very strong chance we won't be seeing an SEC school in this year's title game:

For those of you who don't have your SEC or BCS trivia down pat, that would mark the first time since 2005 an SEC school hasn't been in the national championship. Moreover, in each of the previous seven seasons, an SEC school has taken home the title. 

ESPN and Grantland's R.J. Bell reveals how Vegas views some of the top teams in the nation:

Outside of the national championship, Bleacher Report's Michael Felder notes that Michigan State, almost regardless of what it does against the Buckeyes, is likely headed to the Rose Bowl:

Typically known as a basketball powerhouse, the Spartans haven't been to a Rose Bowl since 1987. 

Meanwhile, probably much to the chagrin of most, Northern Illinois' jump to the all-important No. 14 spot has the Huskies staring down a BCS bowl for what would be the second straight year. 

Fox Sports Ohio's Zac Jackson explains the importance for NIU, as well as the rest of the schools in the MAC:

Yahoo! Sports' Dan Wetzel used the fact that Northern Illinois is ranked No. 2 by one computer to promote his book:

Don't worry, Dan. With this final official ranking and just one week until the bowls are announced, death has finally become the fate of the BCS. 

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