My Typical Day at Rams Training Camp

john renshawContributor IMay 29, 2009

Wake up 6:30 am and run 3 miles.

Eat breakfast, surf the net, call my scouts, watch ESPN News.

Jump in the old Jeep and head to Earth City, Missouri to begin my daily studies of the St. Louis Rams.

I must find out the following:


Has Marc Bulger become comfortable with the new West coast offense?

Has Marc Bulger Become comfortable with himself?

Has Marc Bulger learned the names of ALL those new wide receivers?

What is Steven Jackson’s attitude like? Is he running mad? Is he running hungry?

Is 2 ND Round pick Jason Smith holding his own against Leonard Little and Chris Long

How Much Has Long improved from year one to year two?

What kind of presence does Coach Spags have on the field? What kind of practice does he run?

A new blocking tight end, a new bulldozer fullback, a new center, is the offensive line mean and nasty?

Does this new blocking attack allow Randy McMichael to become part of the passing attack, finally?

Pray that Donnie Avery doesn’t suffer from the sophomore jinx.

Has Richie Incognito re-invented himself?

How about rookie combo back Chris Ogbonnaya—are his hands as good as they say?

Where the hell is leading Tackler Pisa Tinoisamoa? Oh yea the Rams released him. Still don’t get that, but it looks like the Patriots might get him.

Will Will Witherspoon captain the defense?

Is James Laurinaitis the tackling machine they say he is?

Note to self- see if I can tell that Jason Smith used to be a tight end.

Where is Tory Holt? Where is Tory Holt? In the name of Isaac Bruce where is Tory Holt?

Who is Laurent Robinson, and could he be the next Greg Camarillo?

Wow this Bradley Fletcher cat out of Iowa is a steal for the Rams.

Man it is hard to keep up with all of the new rotations shuffling in and out of the offensive line.

Got to find out if Tye Hill is a shut down corner.

There is Brooks Foster, the wide receiver drafted in the 5 Th round out of UNC, man Carolina put a lot of wide outs in the league this year. He is better than I thought he would be.

Lunch Break, but interviews first. Hey Coach what did you like and not like out there this morning?

Hey Marc- which new receivers caught your eye and your passes?

Steven Jackson- How does this camp compare to all of your others?

Tim Carter, You have been around, what can you bring to Saint Louis?

Write my first two stories of the day and post them on the

Grab a sandwich, diet Pepsi, two bottles of water, and hit the field for the afternoon sessions and learn more than Jacques Cousteau.


I am the eyes and ears of the Rams’ Fans. They will know everything.


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