What I Loved and Hated from College Football Week 14

Adam Kramer@kegsneggsNational College Football Lead WriterDecember 2, 2013

What I Loved and Hated from College Football Week 14

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    These are the Saturdays you remember. You’ll remember where you were, who you were with, what delicious pork product you were eating—goodness, I hope you were eating pork—and you’ll recall screaming like a child at your television, hoping it will never end.

    Week 14 was so good, so spectacular, that many unbelievable moments were swept under the rug. While Auburn was returning its “Kick Six”—nice job with the name, Internet—there were other incredible happenings.

    Wisconsin lost as more than a three-touchdown favorite to Penn State, Baylor almost lost as an enormous favorite against TCU, and Southern Miss won a football game and scored more than 60 points. If you’ve been following along all year, the last result is probably the most shocking of them all.

    Yes, there was Auburn’s miraculous 109-yard return, but this was not the only notable moment. There was an absurd catch from Jarvis Landry, a field-goal kicker showing off his finely manicured body hair and a team that was handed the old 1st-and-42 in an actual game. Also, someone re-created the season's most spectacular moment using Tecmo Bowl.

    Yeah, it was that good.

    Here’s what I loved and hated about Week 14.

LOVED: The Last Play of the Iron Bowl

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    Auburn's Chris Davis tweeted almost a year ago to the day that he wanted to return kicks and punts. 

    If the last play of the Iron Bowl isn’t the football gods having a little fun, I don’t know what is.

    The play itself can be dissected from so many angles, although the angle of football insanity seems most noteworthy. College football’s most storied rivalry—and really, the biggest rivalry in all of sports—just ended on a walk-off missed field goal. There were enormous BCS ramifications on the line as well, which only adds to this frenzy.

    I’ve never seen anything quite like it, and I don’t expect to for some time.

HATED: That This Auburn Fan Hurt His Back Celebrating

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    Of course, Auburn’s miraculous play is only one side of the equation.

    The reaction was certainly another, and the living room videos began pouring in shortly thereafter. This particular reaction is without question my favorite, because it was able to combine unthinkable joy with a back injury.

    Notice the Auburn fan begin his pre-celebration with a Fred Flintstone shuffle, and it soon turns into a massive floor hug with his children. It’s a beautiful moment, and it will likely result in an enormous chiropractor bill and some hot pad treatment for a few weeks.

    Was it worth it? Of course it was.

LOVED: The Sewing Machine Cameo

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    In the age of replay, iPads and the excessive use of technology whenever possible, a good ol’ fashion throwback made a cameo during Week 14’s biggest game. 

    Yes, the SEC has sewing machines on the sideline. Or at the very least, Auburn does. No, that is not Gene Chizik doing the sewing. At least we don’t believe it is.

    Wait, maybe we should check on that.

    Regardless, Auburn’s LaDarius Owens ripped his jersey, and the Tigers team went to work. The best part of all of this is the sewing maintenance group just sort of hanging out, making sure everything was going as planned.

    This was without question your grandmother’s favorite play.

HATED: The Ol' 1st-and-42

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    It’s first down, and you have to go 42 yards to move the chains. This is not a drill, but a real thing that happened to Kansas State while taking on "rival" Kansas.

    How did it come to this? It’s simple, really.

    It began with a false start. That false start then led to a personal foul the next play, and at that point the drive was pretty much ruined. Last and certainly not least, however, offensive pass interference was called, which put K-State in this monstrous hole.

    Kansas State quarterback Jake Waters threw an interception just a few plays later. A fitting end to this drive.

    Note: Kansas still did not win. You probably already assumed this to be true, but it’s worth confirming.

LOVED: Oregon State's Kicker

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    Meet Trevor Romaine, Oregon State’s kicker. Notice anything different about this particular individual? I assume so.

    This picture surfaced shortly before Oregon State teed it up with Oregon, and Romaine is indeed shirtless. Not only is he shirtless, but his chest hair has been manicured in such a way where a bikini attempt appears to be in play. Either that or the razor had a mind of its own.

    And yes, there’s the beard. We obviously can’t forget about the beard. This gorgeous birds nest has obviously taken a great deal of time to create. Factored together with the stylish shades, and we have the cover of the best-selling novel Kickers Can Be Cool, Too.

    I assume this book doesn't exist. Yet.

HATED: To Be Ejected for Throwing the Double-Birds

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    Guess what's behind the smiley faces? This is not a trick question.

    First, there was a fight. Then came the birds. Michigan and Ohio State aren’t exactly fond of one another, and this was on display during the first half of the team’s game on Saturday. After a scrum led to the ejection of three players, Ohio State’s Marcus Hall—who was one of the players ejected—had heard enough.

    Out came the double-birds.

    True story. I once saw a mom throw up the double-birds after being ejected at a soccer game when I was a child. I was mesmerized by the form, the decision and the ability to literally tell everyone in the vicinity exactly how she felt.

    I can’t imagine doing that in front of more than 110,000 people, and I can’t imagine the conversation with Urban Meyer was pleasant.

LOVED: Jarvis Landry's Absurd Grab

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    For the second year in a row, LSU wideout Jarvis Landry did something incredible against Arkansas. We can only assume that if he decides to come back for one more season, he'll likely kick a 77-yard field goal to win next year's game in the fifth overtime.

    Last year’s catch will be difficult to top. It made Love/Hate then, and it was a clinic on hands and body control. In fact, it might have been the best play of the 2012 season.

    This year’s catch likely won’t eclipse that on the "Wow" scale, but it wasn’t far off. Landry went over an Arkansas defensive back to save the interception. Not only did he help break up the turnover, but he also somehow came down with the grab.

    Face it, Hogs. He's just got your number.

HATED: This Failed Illinois Card Stunt (Again)

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    Ah, a good ol'-fashioned grey-out. I like what you're thinking here. Wait, never mind. Those are seats.

    This is really awkward.

    Illinois, the important thing is that you tried. And we appreciate you trying for the second time in three weeks. With that being said, these shots of your student section are…not optimal.

    The failed card stunt first surfaced in Week 12, as the student section was unable to complete a giant “I” in the stands. In Week 14, the “I” was nonexistent. 

    In fact, where is everybody?

LOVED: Gators Hitting Gators (Again)

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    If your rooting interests lie with Florida, there is no love here. For everyone else, however, watching two teammates make a play on each other ignites football feelings.

    What makes this own-team tackle more intriguing, however, is that this is the second week in a row where a Florida player stopped, well, a Florida player.

    Last week, it came on more of a block—one that received ample Internet attention. This week was more of a collision, and it came in the team’s loss against Florida State. And these two plays serve as your 2013 Florida season in review.

    See you next season! 

HATED: That This Was the Beginning of the End

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    Week 14 was perfect. It was everything you could have asked for. It was also the final full week of the college football season, and that is tough to swallow. 

    Like the morning after New Year’s Eve, the next day is always the worst. 

    The season is far from over, of course, but the writing is on the wall. It’s all gone far too quickly—just like it always does—and we’re nearing the end of the road.

    Enjoy all the football we have left. I have no doubts that you will.

BONUS Love: The Iron Bowl in Tecmo Bowl Form

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    We end on a high note.

    When someone remakes one of the more memorable plays in college football history using one of the greatest games in video game history, it warrants a shout-out. 

    Enter: The final play of the Iron Bowl remade using Tecmo Bowl, my best friend growing up.

    The Internet is indeed a wonderful place filled with wonderful, creative people.