UFC 103 Rumors,Affliction3,Sean Sherk Isn't Going Crazy,And More! MMA News!

Sean SchimlingAnalyst IMay 28, 2009

LONDON - JANUARY 17:  (UK TABLOID NEWSPAPERS OUT) UFC president Dana White attends the 'Octagon' private view at Hamilton's Gallery January 17, 2007 in London, England.  The exhibition showcases work by photographer Kevin Lynch documenting the world of Ultimate Fighter Championship (UFC) events.  (Photo by Claire Greenway/Getty Images)

Wow! That is all i have to say, lets get into this fun fest!


T.U.F Season 10 coaches

The announcement was made today that Rashad Evans and Quinton Jackson are the two coaches of T.U.F 10. They'll fight (most likely) at UFC 105/106.

I don't get this move personally. Rampage had a title shot already lined up, why did he jeopardize that? Now he'll have to face Rashad Evans and risk the chance of him losing and missing out on that title shot. If I were him I'd say screw coaching I want to face Lyoto for the belt.

Don't get me wrong It'll be entertaining, but from Rampage's stand point, I don't see the reasoning. Money does talk, I guess.

Sean "Running Man" Sherk

After his loss at UFC 98, Sean Sherk went running out of the arena in full fight gear. Many of us wondered,why? He finally gave us the answer.

“After the fight was over I went for a run. I was kind of frustrated and just had to burn off some steam, so I just went for a jog, and I left before I talked to the doctor. The doctor didn’t get a chance to look at me. I wasn’t hurt at all so I just said f*** it, I’m going for a run. The [NSAC] got kind of pissed because I didn’t talk to the doctor first and they suspended me for 45 days for that. It’s kind of excessive I think. I don’t think I deserve to get suspended for going for a run. I wasn’t gone that long. I was gone maybe an hour. But what do you do?”

There is our answer.

UFC 103

There is a strong rumor floating around that Lyoto Machida will be taking on Shogun Rua. Looks like knocking out Chuck Liddell is the new way to get your title shot. First Rashad,now Shogun, I bet those talks of Chuck retiring are quieting down in the 205 pound weight-class.

Frank Trigg

Twinkle Toes Trigg is back in the UFC. He's expected to make his return in late 2009. He last appeared in the UFC octagon in 2005. Trigg has been on a four fight win streak.

Guida + Win over Sanchez = Title shot?

Clay Guida recently stated that he believes a win over Diego Sanchez earns him a title shot. I somewhat agree, but wasn't that already the plan?

Affliction 3

This card is looking like a beast.

FEDOR V.S BARNETT (sort of confirmed)

Mousasi V.S Belfort (rumored, but unlikely to happen)

Paulo Filho's return!

Paul Buentello V.S Tim Sylvia (rumored)

Dan Lauzon V.S Chris Horodecki (confirmed)

Jay Hieron V.S Paul Daley (confirmed)

If it all pans out, it should be awesome!

UFC Undisputed

The UFC's first video game since 2004's crappy Sudden Impact has sold over 1.5 millie! That game is freaking awesome! Aggravating at times but fun, my on-line record is 13-4. it should be 16-4 but 3 people quit when they got KO'd. Little girls!

That is all for now, enjoy!