Gerald Henderson Badly Misses Teammate with Pass, Nails Innocent Fan in Head

Joe FlynnContributor INovember 29, 2013


The NBA is, first and foremost, about entertainment. The fans pay good money to watch their heroes play ball up close, and in return, all those fans ask of the players is for them to play hard, give it their all and don't hit fans in the head with the ball.

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That's Gerald Henderson of the Charlotte Bobcats, kicking the ball out to the second row. Maybe he thought shots are worth more than three points from out there.

The lady in the second row obviously wasn't ready for the pass. In Henderson's defense, though, she was wide open!

After the game, Henderson offered a heartfelt mea culpa.


Gerald Henderson doesn't want to hit anymore ladies with basketballs. He admits he's a bad passer, and the first step is always admitting you have a problem.