Mental Chess With Devone Bess

Luis GonzalezCorrespondent IMay 29, 2009

Pick any player from your team, and list all of the questions you would ask for a feature interview

Player: Devone Bess # 15 Wr


What was it specifically you feel took you from undrafted free agent who was technically a longshot to make the

depth chart, to a contributor every Sunday as the technical 2 receiver???

How was it that the dolphins signed you, and how much different is it than being drafted?

Why did you choose the Miami dolphins, and where there other offers on the table?

What do you feel was the key component to the dolphins afc east championship?

What do you feel is attributes you can enhance to become a # 1 receiver for the dolphins?

How much do you love waking up everyday and preparing as a person would at their possibly soul crushing 40 hour a weeker, but having it be the game you love 24/7?

How does it make you feel that theyre are a couple of players on this roster even that could buy a third world country with the money they have, what do you feel is your responsibility as a young american role model making more than some doctors???

Do you believe Colt Brennan will ever be a franchise qb in the nfl?

With complete and utter respect and admiration for the warrior football program what was it that led you to Hawaii?

What did you learn from playing at a smaller school that you feel sets you apart from others?

How do you feel about Pat White the pure Qb as opposed to Pat white the ATH?

Who do you feel should be the Qb on opening day for the 2009-2010 Dolphins?

Do u feel the dolphins need a young speed back like a chris johnson of Tennesse to compliment the aggresive and pro bowlesque running style of none other than Ronnie Brown?

How has a trip to the playoffs reignited the fire to bring the super bowl championship to Miami?

Where do you feel the Dolphins could use a little improvement?

Can you see urself as being a part of a 1 2 punch like the marks brothers, duper and clayton, and if so who do you feel could fill the tremendous void left behind by hall of fame Qb Dan Marino?

Can the dolphins win the super bowl this year?

Do You feel Tony Sporano could be the next main stay for dolphins say like a Don Shula?

How is Tony as a coach?

Whats your favorite drill in practice?

Are you happy with the Dolphins, and could you see yourself spending the most part of your career here in Miami?

Your feelings on Plaxico Burress were the Dolphins to attempt to sign him?

Did you watch the Pros vs. Joes episode with Pac Man Jones? (the man is absolutely childish)

Do you feel he should be allowed to play again in the NFL?

Who is the college player in next years draft that you would like the Dolphins to pick first?

At what age did you start playing football?

If you could take back 1 thing in life, what would it be and why?

What was your First job before getting to live what others like myself dream of every day?

How do you feel as a player with the impending uncapped year?

Do you feel Roger Goddell is the right Commisioner for the league?

Do you feel he acts in the leagues true interests, or not only to get his name in the foot notes of nfl history for a couple of mindless changes and modification?

Are u going to get 1000 receiving yards this season?

How do you feel about the pro bowl being a week before the super bowl instead of after?

Do u feel the Pro Bowl could injure key players that would inturn affect the outcome of that super bowl?

Your favorite thing of all being a football player?


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