20 Epic Football Fails to Laugh at

Alex Richards@@AA_RichardsContributor INovember 30, 2013

20 Epic Football Fails to Laugh at

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    Sometimes, we like watching professional footballers make a right mess of things.

    For as much as we watch in awe as players pull off some truly spectacular feats, there's nothing quite like when it all goes wrong for a particular individual and, rather than feel their pain, you simply choose to laugh at them.

    These football fails come in all shapes and sizes, at various different standards, all across the globe.

    Here are a look at 20 of the funniest/worst/most disastrous that we've come across.

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David Dunn

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    If you are going to attempt a rabona, just make sure you do it right. 

    Do not go all David Dunn about it.

John O'Shea

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    A rabona isn't the sort of trick you'd associate with former Manchester United defender John O'Shea. Neither are shots from distance.

    After this effort at Upton Park, we can see why.

Arturo Vidal

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    The Chilean is one of world football's best box-to-box midfielders. Of that there can be no doubt.

    But sometimes, when he isn't dominating from the middle of the park, he does some quite bizarre things.

Rocky Baptiste

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    Sometimes, some things are just too embarrassing for words, this Rocky Baptiste effort being one of those things.

    Pretty good way to make up for it after, mind.

Ilija Sivonjic

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    But we aren't even sure Rocky's miss is the most embarrassing ever.

    Step forward Ilija Sivonjic.

Khalfan Fahad

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    Then again, Sivonjic's side went on to get themselves a point.

    Khalfan Fahad's Qatar on the other hand went out at the quarter-final stage of the 2010 Asian Games, after he proved that his right foot should be for more than merely standing upon.


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    Of course, you can't look at dreadful footballing misses without this Yakubu effort.

Khalid Askri

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    Sometimes though, it's goalkeepers who become slightly befuddled and fail to see the job through.

    Just ask Khalid Askri.

Artur Boruc

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    Or in the case of Southampton's Artur Boruc, they try a little too hard to prove that they can play elsewhere on the field.

Howard Webb

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    And where would we be without referees getting things wrong. There will always be space for a good refereeing blunder.

    Honestly, yellow Howard!?

Charles Korver

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    Howard Webb had nothing on a certain Dutch referee from some 28 years previously however.

    No cards, no fouls, nothing whatsoever from Charles Korver following Harold Schumacher's almost assault on Patrick Battiston.

    A guillotine wouldn't have done as much damage.

Sergio Ramos

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    Horrendous penalties blasted miles over the crossbar are always funny.

    Unless you happen to be English.

    Or Sergio Ramos.

Asamoah Gyan

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    Of course, while Ramos missed in the Champions League semi-finals, he didn't have the weight of an entire continent resting on his shoulders at a World Cup.

    Unlike Ghana striker Asamoah Gyan back in South Africa.

Rob Green

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    Speaking of the South Africa World Cup, Rob Green knows exactly how it feels to make a mess on the international stage.

    We hate to think what then-England boss Fabio Capello was thinking.

Zeljko Kalac

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    Four years prior to Rob Green's error, though, Australia brought us Zeljko Kalac.

    He's just lucky that game was remembered for other reasons...

Graham Poll

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    From the same 2006 World Cup group game between Australia and Croatia, we have Graham "three card" Poll.


Jens Lehmann and Didier Drogba

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    Sometimes, it isn't enough for just one person to make a fool of themselves.

    Occasionally it takes two to tango.

    On this occasion, the attempts of Messrs. Lehmann and Drogba to get the other in trouble were nothing short of pathetic.


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    Where footballing fails are concerned however, the originals still hold as the best.

    The 1974 Zaire team are proof of that.

Franck Quedrue

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    Back in his pre-Middlesbrough days, the tough-tackling French left-back played for Lens in Ligue 1.

    He also scored this quite breathtaking own goal.

Jamie Pollock

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    As far as own goals and aesthetic beauty though, Quedrue couldn't hold a candle to former Manchester City captain Jamie Pollock.

    Perhaps City could use this sort of touch and composure away from the Etihad Stadium these days.