National Dog Show 2013: Breeds That Stole the Show in Philadelphia

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistNovember 29, 2013

Why watch football when you can see the best the dog show circuit has to offer doing battle on whatever surface that is they do battle on?

The National Dog Show, now a staple of Thanksgiving, came and went on Thursday. There were over 150 different breeds taking part, according to the event's website. The winner would earn plenty of bragging rights and likely a nice belly rub by his or her owner.

Among that large quantity of breeds, three stood out from the rest.


American Foxhound

It's only appropriate on one of the most American of holidays, it's the American foxhound who took home Best in Show, per Purina Pro Plan.

As if the name alone wasn't enough to sway you, George Washington owned a number of American foxhounds. That right there should end any discussion in terms of Best in Show. If these are dogs good enough for the first president of our United States, they're good enough to win the National Dog Show.

For this poised foxhound, it's another "jewel" in the crown, so to speak. She won the hound group at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show back in February, too.

That's quite the calendar year for Jewel.



In general, the toy group is high on cuteness and low on practicality. These are the kinds of dogs that appear to be exclusively bred to be placed in shows. Between most of the breeds' short legs and long hair, the dogs are better suited to chilling on the couch and being showpieces than they are playing catch in the backyard.

The winner of the toy group was the Pekingese, and looking at both Roger's coat and run, it was hard to argue with the judges. He looked like a strong bet to take home Best in Show, but it wasn't to be.

You can just see the disappointment in Roger's face, per Emily Magyar.

As announcer John O'Hurley noted on the broadcast, the Pekingese breed is "part throw pillow, part dust mop." I'd like to add, though, that it's all parts comedy.


Bearded Collie

Just look at the picture below and try not to have your heart melted.

That would be Fawny, the bearded collie.

What's not to like about this dog?

He simply had the strut of a champion. The way he put his head back and went into the run displayed all the confidence you'd want to see from a Best in Show contender. He was sexy, and he in fact knew it.

It's amazing Fawny could have seen anything with all that hair flapping in his face, yet that run was pristine. Let's see LeBron James try to land a breakaway dunk while his vision is being impaired.

ESPN's Trent Dilfer was all about the bearded collie. Fawny's total QBR was off the charts on Thursday.

All in all, it was a great total performance from Fawny.