Will McNabb Fly the Nest:Inside the Mind of A Broken Bird

dennis bovellContributor IMay 29, 2009

Will McNabb Fly the Nest:Inside the Mind of A Broken Bird

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You’ve been through so much in your career, what would you rank as the most difficult situation you’ve experienced?

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If you could go back and change anything about the Terrell Owens saga, what would it be?

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Throughout your career, you have gone out of your way to separate yourself from the “running” black quarterback stigma. Do you think you’ve succeeded? If so, has it helped you evolve as a pocket quarterback? Does it make your offense more potent?

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How did you feel after J. Whyatt Mondesire took a shot at you claiming you “belittled the real struggles of black athletes?” Did it sting more, coming from someone of your own race?

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Obviously, you were not greeted to kindly by the Philly faithful. In your own view, have you been treated fairly by the city of Philadelphia? Do you think you’ve been appreciated?

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It’s been reported that the Eagles had an opportunity to acquire Anquan Boldin. Now, you said yourself, the team needed to acquire more weapons for you. Instead of including that pick in a deal for Boldin, the team drafted wideout Jeremy Maclin.

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You’ve been labeled as a company man by many of your former teammates, but you sort of took a step back from the organization last season. Is that something you are conscious of and, if so, does it bother you?

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You’ve repeatedly insisted that you want to retire with the Eagles. Do you foresee any circumstances in which you do not?

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Looking at your career statistics today, do you feel you are worthy of the Hall of Fame. If not, what do you feel you need to accomplish to get in?

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