Best Feuds and Predictions for Rey Mysterio After Return from Injury

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistNovember 27, 2013

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"Booyaka 619" exploded over the PA system, and the fans inside the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville erupted into a huge ovation as Rey Mysterio sprinted to the ring, aiding CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Goldust and the Usos in their war with the Wyatt Family and The Shield.

He delivered a 619 to both Jack Swagger and Luke Harper, immediately making an impact in his first Monday Night Raw appearance since February.

It was Mysterio's latest return from injury, and while fans should be cautiously optimistic about his future with the company, not to mention a healthy 2014, he could not have come back at a better time.

With the roster of legitimate draws at the top of the card, Mysterio can immediately come in and inject television and pay-per-view with some star power. More importantly, he can use that star power to create exciting and interesting main events, as well as elevate talent and secondary titles.

With so many talented Superstars on the roster, there exists a great deal of potential for outstanding feuds heading into WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans and beyond.

What are those feuds, and which Superstars can benefit from working with the masked Superstar?

Let's take a look.


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United States Champion Dean Ambrose

The one thing that The Shield's Dean Ambrose has been missing in recent weeks is a legitimate challenger to his United States Championship. It looked like Big E Langston would be that guy for a bit, but that didn't happen, and as a result, Ambrose has become a supporting player to the main tag team angle.

While his current angle involving CM Punk will help elevate his star, Punk is surely not going to challenge for a secondary title at this point in his career.

Enter Mysterio, who gives Ambrose that challenger and helps restore prestige to his title by association.

Ambrose's unorthodox ground-and-pound style would mesh perfectly with Mysterio's high-flying, fast-paced offense. Working with a main event star the caliber of Mysterio, in a singles environment, would only help with Ambrose's development and growth as a wrestler.

The rivalry would allow Mysterio to remain in a high-profile position on the card, which he deserves at this point in his career, without subjecting him to the convoluted, at times nonsensical main event scene.


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The Real Americans

It just makes too much sense, right?

Jack Swagger, Antonio Cesaro and Zeb Colter have spent months criticizing Mexicans. Rey Mysterio is a Mexican-American who takes his heritage very seriously.

Swagger and Mysterio have had very good matches in the past, most notably those that occurred in the summer of 2010, when Swagger was in the middle of the biggest push of his career.

Mysterio and Cesaro have, inexplicably, never wrestled one another.

Matches between those two would be worth the time and money alone.

Unfortunately, Mysterio would likely need a tag team partner, which would likely result in the return of Sin Caraa return no one is asking for at this point.

If the company decides it wants to keep Mysterio firmly entrenched in the midcard, he can best be used to put over talented midcard stars such as Swagger and Cesaro, the latter of whom could have some tremendous matches with the former World Heavyweight Champion.


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Randy Orton

Regardless of whether or not Orton leaves the TLC pay-per-view with the World Heavyweight and WWE titles, a feud with Mysterio could go a long way in helping rebuild him as a ruthless, vile competitor.

Mysterio has always had the ability to take a great beating and draw sympathy from the audience, no matter how many times they have seen the same scenario play out. Rey has always had the type of connection with the crowd in which they feel bad when he gets badly beaten up and celebrate when he achieves great success.

With that said, imagine a scenario where Orton demolishes him in a manner not unlike the way he did Miz.

The Miz angle failed to get over as it should have because Miz is a largely unlikable character. Mysterio taking that kind of beating would immediately make Orton the truly hated villain that he has not yet been able to be since his heel turn back at SummerSlam.

More importantly, Mysterio and Orton are familiar opponents who have a history of delivering outstanding matches against one another. Their match at the 2006 No Way Out pay-per-view was very good, and their World Championship bout one week after WrestleMania 22 was even better.

Orton is a better wrestler now than he was then, and the matches between the two would arguably be better than ever.


Prediction: Ambrose

The feud makes sense within the context within which Mysterio has been used to this point. He has already been involved with The Shield and, for every reason listed above, it allows for the best utilization of Mysterio and his skill set at this point.