Houston Rockets Team Up to Destroy Hanukkah Classic 'The Dreidel Song'

Gabe ZaldivarSenior Writer IIFebruary 25, 2017

Photo Credit: CSN Houston

Happy Hanukkah! Here's an awful rendition of "The Dreidel Song" to put you in a festive mood. 

A tip of the hat to For the Win and SportsGrid for spotting just the latest sports team wanting to turn the dial down on the holiday festivities by delivering a woefully horrible rendition of a popular song. 

Here are the Houston Rockets kind of, sort of singing the Jewish holiday classic. You might be better served taking out your own dreidel and playing Slayer in the background, though. 

First off, you will notice the team has been ripped out of whatever comfortable setting they were in previously and forced into an environment they didn't want to be in like some jubilant version of Saw

And then you will notice Chandler Parsons. In fact, it's hard to miss him with his brilliant observations and cringe-worthy quips. "Isn’t this a Jewish thing?" is then followed by a reference to his Israeli teammate Omri Casspi, "Omri was probably money."

And that's how things go for this gang of crooning Rockets. 

Everyone sort of mumbles the words, some look like they would rather run wind sprints than sing a song to the camera, and Dwight Howard tries harder than he has in three seasons. 

Ah, but 'tis the season for sports teams to butcher traditional holiday anthems. Some might recall the New York Mets' recent attempt. 

If not, click below and cover your ears. 

We aren't quite sure why teams think it's a grand idea to corral a bunch of guys with athletic acumen to sing us into the holiday season. 

It's clear only a handful of players have even heard the tune, and the rest will just begin singing the theme from Animaniacs

Thanks, Aaron Brooks. We will throw that into our holiday mix immediately. 


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