Oakland Sports Future

Tommy KContributor IMay 28, 2009

   Its a busy time of year right for sports, with NHL and NBA playoffs as well as the NFL, NBA and MLB draft. After the Sharks got knocked out and the Raiders passed on Crabtree, the Warriors are up again with the seventh pick in the draft ready to snap up the next Adonyle Foyle or Todd Fuller. All kidding aside, Chris Mullin was never really the General Manager just as Lane Kiffin was never really the coach because Al Davis and Robert Rowell are the ones that run the show. When Kiffin was fired and publicly berated, and subsequently replaced with Tom "Kevin James" Cable I was not surprised. I am not yet convinced he isn't Art Shell 2.0., someone who won't try and impose his will, but will just be happy to have a head coaching gig.

    When Chris Mullin was not renewed this summer it was a non-story and no surprise after all the tension between Rowell and Mullin over Baron Davis and other roster decisions. I really don't think the problem is the talent level, I think its the consistency of the decision making process. It's a mixture of bad luck and bad decisions, but Al Davis was once the most important person in Football being involved in the AFL/NFL merger . I think Al Davis should sell the Raiders to John Madden having won a super bowl together and with Madden maintaining a residence east of Oakland. Who knows what will happen the great thing about the off season is that optimism is a plenty.