Free-Agent Spotlight: Juan Uribe

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 27, 2013

The free-agent market for third basemen isn’t much to look at, but that kind of mess will suit Juan Uribe just fine.  

MLB contributor Gabe Zaldivar breaks down arguably the most sought-after third baseman this offseason.

The only big names that warrant attention might be Michael Young and Kevin Youkilis. And after the season, Uribe had at the hot corner, you can bet that he will milk the market for every last dollar he can get.

His next team will get a proven leader who can invigorate a clubhouse in a positive manner and a guy who has third base well taken care of defensively.

Still, he isn’t without his precarious peccadilloes.  

Anyone who has seen Uribe play knows that he swings for the fence in nearly every outing, which lends itself to a bit of feast or famine offensively.

Still, there is enough to like to warrant spending millions on him, but we still have to ask: How much is too much?

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