Can the Tigers Beat Greinke?

Blake VandeBunteContributor IMay 26, 2009

Somehow Zack Greinke has a loss this season.  He has thrown 66 innings and has given up a total of 6 earned runs, yet he still has a loss.  Given the Royals awful offense, I guess it’s possible that the Tigers could beat him today.  Here’s the quick run down:

  • 7-1
  • 66 innings
  • 6 ER
  • 73 K
  • 12 BB
  • 0.82 ERA

Pretty gruesome.  Justin Verlander has been that good over his last six starts but Greinke has been this good all season.  Yikes.

Greinke started against the Tigers back on April 24th in Kansas City.  He threw a complete game, giving up only three hits and allowed a lone, unearned run.  He also struck out 10 hitters.

While Greinke had troubles early in his career, he has always been good against the Tigers.  Greinke owns a 9-4 record in his career against the Tigers with an ERA of 2.86.

Even though the Tigers have struggled against Greinke, they do have a few guys that have had some success against him.  Brandon Inge has a .276 average against Greinke with two home runs in 29 at-bats.  PlacidoPolanco is a .321 hitter and Miguel Cabrera and Gerald Laird are also over the .300 mark.  I’m guessing we’ll see all four of those guys in the lineup today.

Game time tonight is 8:10pm with Edwin Jackson starting for the Tigers.  You just have to imagine that Zack Greinke is going to have a bad game eventually.  He can’t keep this up all season, right?  The Tigers offense got back on track yesterday with those 19 hits, I’m guessing they beat Greinke tonight.  Just my gut feeling.