Brutal Head Kick KO Ends MMA Match in 6 Seconds

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterNovember 27, 2013

Dig out another plot in the left leg cemetery—we’ve got another victim to bury.

A week after a left legged brutality in Slovenia, another MMA fighter has fallen to a mighty head kick knockout in near record time (SKIP TO THE 1:13 MARK for the head kick).

The latest head-kick was spotted by (h/t Leo of and occurred in some nondescript facility in Brazil. 

The winner of the match was Marcos “Bicudo” Maciel—a Brazilian fighter who delivered a monstrous head kick to his opponent, Mario Cesar “Shotobushin.” 

Six seconds into the contest, Maciel went for his opponent’s head with a mighty left leg swing. The blow landed flush and Cesar fell to the mat. Not a single punch was thrown by either fighter.

And that was the match—all of it. Cesar made the fatal error of dropping his hands to ward off a perceived low kick and took a knee-buckling shot to the head.

The knockout was eerily similar to the kick that dropped Italian fighter Leonardo Zecchi in Ljubljiana, Slovenia last week. 

The victor of that fight was Croatian fighter Ivica “Terror” Truscek, who ended the match after 15 seconds with his own left leg head kick.

Head to the 5:10 mark for the kick.

Zecchi had expected the leg to go low, and was caught completely off guard when Truscek’s foot found his jaw. 

The Italian was able to get up after the kick, and even congratulated Truscek on a job well done—because mixed martial arts is one of those rare sports where someone can get kicked in the head and laugh about it after the fact. 

That being said, getting kicked in the face is quickly becoming the leading cause of unconsciousness in MMA fighters for the month of November.

Keep those hands up, boys—the left leg mortuary can’t keep working overtime.


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