WWE SmackDown: Spoiler-Free Preview for Nov. 29

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterNovember 28, 2013


Expect a Thanksgiving theme to accompany all the usual action and shenanigans on the Nov. 29 episode of WWE SmackDown.

The aftershocks of Survivor Series and Monday's Raw will shape this Friday's show. John Cena and Randy Orton's double championship bout and Daniel Bryan's kidnapping are storylines that must be addressed.

The Black Friday show will also feature Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes, Xavier Woods and, for the first time, El Torito in action. The advertised main event is a Tag Team title bout, a continuation of the welcomed focus on tag teams.

With the results omitted, here is the lineup to expect on Friday's SmackDown.


Mark Henry vs. Curtis Axel

One-half of the tag teams that battled during Monday's Raw go at it again Friday.

Henry and Big E Langston knocked around Curtis Axel and Ryback relatively easy, and now Axel will be forced to go it alone against "The World's Strongest Man." Axel will be looking for a huge upset against a huge man, trying to regain the momentum he has lost since losing the Intercontinental Championship.

As for Henry, he's been on a roll since his return at Survivor Series.

Can he go 3-0 in that span? Can he use Axel as a springboard to the next step in his career? A third-generation Superstar will do his best to make those answers "no."


Tons of Funk vs. Xavier Woods and R-Truth

The Funkadactlys accompanied Woods to the ring on Monday's Raw. The former NXTer also used Brodus Clay's entrance theme.

Who will Naomi and Cameron go with this time around? The right to have those dancers at one's side and Clay's funky theme appear to be the center of animosity between these two teams.

In terms of in-ring action, speed battles power as Woods and R-Truth will have to evade and outrun their more powerful foes.


Titus O'Neil vs. The Great Khali (Thanksgiving Eating Contest)

For every moment that WWE mirrors Shakespearean drama, it balances that out with a segment geared toward getting children to chuckle.

O'Neil and The Great Khali will pig out rather than slug it out. Whoever can eat the most Thanksgiving food backstage gets a shot at Antonio Cesaro.

That means that after one Superstar stuffs his mouth more efficiently than his peers, he will then have Cesaro cracking that mouth with European uppercuts.

Fans of competitive eating contests know that the bigger man doesn't necessarily eat the most. Great Khali's sloth-like speed puts him at a disadvantage anyway.

How does Ryback not get into the eating contest?
How does Ryback not get into the eating contest?WWE.com


Los Matadores and El Torito vs. 3MB

After some brief time out of the limelight, Los Matadores are back, taking on 3MB once again. This time, their mascot joins them in the ring.

The bullfighters' battles with the wanna-be rockers haven't been memorable in the past, but if 3MB continues its recent pattern of donning a new name and ring gear for each match, this could be mildly entertaining. Plus, El Torito's in-ring debut is a curiosity grabber.

Are his horns considered foreign objects, or can the bull legally poke his foes?


Los Matadores haven't done much but beat up on Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal since debuting. They get a shot to do just that once again.


Goldust and Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins (Tag Team Championship)

WWE's recipe of increased title matches and focusing on the company's best tag teams has resulted in some excellent entertainment in recent weeks. Expect that to continue on Friday's SmackDown as The Shield gets a title shot against the Rhodes brothers.

After Rhodes and Goldust won the Tag Team Championships, WWE hasn't given these two squads much in the way of story.

It hasn't mattered, though. All four men have been a part of some of WWE's best offerings in the last two months. Count on great chemistry and intensity powering this latest showdown.

Can Rhodes and Goldust retain? Will The Shield reclaim the gold, or will chaos and controversy deny the match a true finish? Regardless of the outcome, fans are sure to enjoy the end of SmackDown even if the little bull and eating contest from the middle of the show doesn't entertain them.