BCS Rankings 2013 Week 15: Official Standings for Top 25 Announced

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BCS Rankings 2013 Week 15: Official Standings for Top 25 Announced
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Teams and fans around the country aren't going to shed any tears for the Bowl Championship Series as it heads into its final weeks of use. Although the shift to a playoff system will help crown a champion in a more conventional way, Week 14 helped illustrate the upside of the BCS.

Even though the system has its flaws—there's no perfect formula for college football, at least not yet—it elevated the importance of every game. Teams knew one or two losses anywhere along the line could make the difference at season's end.

So when there's a stacked group of games, as was the case during the holiday weekend, it makes them all meaningful. From Alabama against Auburn to rivalry games like Florida State vs. Florida and Ohio State vs. Michigan, there was no shortage of must-see action in Week 14.

Now that the dust has settled, here's a look at the updated BCS standings for Week 15:

Week 15 BCS Rankings
Ranking Team AVG Previous Ranking
1 Florida State .9948 2
2 Ohio State .9503 3
3 Auburn .9233 4
4 Alabama .8539 1
5 Missouri .8428 5
6 Oklahoma State .7629 7
7 Stanford .7069 8
8 South Carolina .7037 10
9 Baylor .6623 9
10 Michigan State .6529 11
11 Arizona State .5833 12
12 Oregon .5321 13
13 Clemson .5201 6
14 Northern Illinois .4812 14
15 LSU .4213 17
16 Central Florida .3858 19
17 Oklahoma .3808 18
18 UCLA .3506 22
19 Louisville .2630 20
20 Duke .2252 24
21 Wisconsin .1988 15
22 Georgia .1143 NR
23 Fresno State .1006 16
24 Texas A&M .0995 21
25 Texas .0666 NR


Time is quickly running out for teams to make an impact. Whether it's championship contenders hoping to lock down a spot in the national title game or those on the BCS fringe simply looking to make a marquee bowl, the margin for error is now extremely thin.

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That goes back to the positive side of the BCS. In a playoff scenario, teams like Florida State, Ohio State and Auburn would already be in good shape in terms of earning a berth, which would lessen the impact of conference title games.

Instead, every squad is forced to fight all the way to the finish line to make sure they end up in one of the coveted bowl spots. For Florida State and Ohio State, it's championship game or bust after very successful seasons to date.

Only time will tell if a playoff system ends up making the power programs around college football more satisfied on a yearly basis. It may very well be a fairer way to determine the champion, but the week-to-week action could take a hit.

Week 14 was an example of how the BCS could make a good week of college football great.

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