TNA Impact Wrestling: Complete Preview, Rumors, News and More for November 28

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistNovember 27, 2013

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Thanksgiving is a day for family, friends and food, but this Thursday will also feature a wild edition of TNA Impact Wrestling guaranteed to make wrestling fans think twice about taking that post-dinner nap.

With Kurt Angle leading a team against Bobby Roode and his group of wrestlers, Ken Anderson celebrating the demise of the Aces & Eights and the traditional turkey costume skits, there is not doubt that Thursday’s broadcast will be a fun two-hour show.

Here is all the vital viewing information and a complete preview of the holiday special. Do not forget to DVR the show if you will be going out for the festivities.

Where: Universal Studios, Orlando, Fla.

When: Thursday, Nov. 28, 9 p.m. ET

Watch: Spike TV

TNA’s Superior Survivor Series

TNA president Dixie Carter understands the importance of the Thanksgiving holiday and will be looking to provide legitimate entertainment on Thursday. The feud between Angle and Roode has been one of the main focal points of the company since Bound for Glory, and the latest chapter in the battle will feature an intriguing four-on-four elimination tag team match.

Question on Everybody’s Mind: Which Star Will Be the Sole Survivor?

It’s hard to pick a winner when the participants haven’t been announced, but it would make sense for the match to come down to Angle vs. Roode for the right to be called the sole survivor.

TNA is building hard to another one-on-one match between the two team leaders, and what better way to tease that by having these men be the last remaining men from their respective teams? If the two men are the last left, expect a non-finish to the match to avoid one man looking weak.

Hype Meter: 4 out of 5 Genuinely Entertaining Matches

This quasi-traditional Survivor Series match will serve the main purpose of putting over the feud between Angle and Roode, but it’s about more than that. TNA understands that the ratings for this show will suffer because of the holiday, so getting as many top stars on the card in a multi-man tag team is the perfect way to draw people in. No matter how this main event concludes, the company has booked a bout that all fans will support, especially with the WWE’s utter failure with the handling of Survivor Series Sunday.

TNA Rumors: Rumors About the Company’s Sale and New Possible Talent, per Wrestling Observer Newsletter via Wrestling Inc.

Mr. Anderson Celebrates, Turkey Costumes and Thanksgiving Madness

Wrestling fans should be excited for the main event, but there is so much more action scheduled for this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling. Not only is Mr. Anderson celebrating the demise of the Aces & Eights with a public funeral, but the company is also teasing the return of the turkey costume and which star will be forced to wear it.

Question on Everybody's Mind: Will Bully Ray Be in a Festive Mood?

There is no question that the Aces & Eights gimmick jumped the shark months ago, but it wasn’t due to a lack of effort on Bully Ray’s behalf. The president of the gang has been one of the best heels in the wrestling business over the last two years. While the focus of this week’s show will be Anderson’s win, the fans want to see what’s next for one of the company’s most talented bad guys.

Hype Meter: 4 out of 5 Secondary Storylines

Whether it’s Bully Ray going up against Anderson, Joseph Park fighting his battle against Bad Influence or the teased tension between James Storm and his former tag team partner Gunner, this week’s Impact Wrestling will feature several major secondary storylines to support its main events. Most fans of both TNA and WWE have forgotten what it’s like to watch interesting angles outside of the main event, and this is a pleasant change of pace.

Another interesting segment to watch for is the evolution of Samuel Shaw. It may be wishful thinking, but with TNA teasing a possible character based on the American Psycho movie, this is a promising sign that the company is moving in the right direction with its booking decisions.

TNA News: Turning Point TV Ratings, per Wrestling Inc.

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