Best Ways to Book Alberto Del Rio Outside Main Event Scene After Survivor Series

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistNovember 27, 2013

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Alberto Del Rio lost in his bid to regain the World Heavyweight Championship from John Cena at WWE's Survivor Series pay-per-view on November 24.  Del Rio had been in a program with Cena after John returned at Hell in a Cell in October to win the belt.  Now that the angle appears to be over between them, the question is what is Alberto's next move?

What are the best ways to book Del Rio, assuming he now slides out of WWE's main event scene?

Truth be told, Del Rio perhaps had another opportunity to stay in a prime spot on the card until the November 25 edition of Monday Night Raw happened.  Cena formally challenged WWE champion Randy Orton to a title unification match, which will take place at TLC.  

Finally, the match that so many fans have been asking for is actually going down and while that may be good for the company, it may not be so good for other Superstars. 

This includes Alberto Del Rio, who now finds himself in line with all the rest of the WWE locker room while the drama surrounding the company's top two championships plays out at TLC.  So where does that leave him now?

The first thing that must happen is Del Rio remains heel. That much cannot be denied.  

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With The Miz recently turning on Kofi Kingston, the temptation may be there to now make a change on the other side to even out the roster.  But Del Rio should definitely not be the man making that change. The fact is that Alberto is a very credible heel.  He is able to draw heat from the crowd and there is nothing even remotely redeemable about his character.  

As much as fans may criticize him for being boring, the truth is that Del Rio is a very good heel.  He is more than capable of carrying his part of any good rivalry, despite who he faces.  

So if the thought of giving Alberto a new direction in terms of what side he's on happens to cross the minds of WWE creatives, then I for one think it's a very bad idea.

And speaking of rivalries, which Superstars would be the right fit for Alberto?

The first man who immediately comes to mind is Big E Langston. The two men have already had contact, which ended with Del Rio going over. Even though that could have been the end of it, the fact is that Langston is a man who is on the way up. What better way to keep him moving in the right direction than a feud with a former WWE and World champion?

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This rivalry would not have to last very long and it would perhaps put Alberto in a new light for fans.  He would be seen as a veteran helping bring a newer talent up the ladder, instead of working to keep establishing himself in a main event spot.

Langston depends on his power game to win matches, as he is often the strongest man in the ring. However with Del Rio, Big E would be locking horns with a very crafty heel who would find a way to break him down from start to finish. And if Langston were able to get over, he would gain more credibility in the process.

But if using Del Rio in a veteran leadership role is not in the cards, perhaps a spot in a new tag team could be.

This could actually be a very good move for Alberto, as it would be a change of pace for his character. Since the WWE and World titles will presumably be tied up for the foreseeable future, then maybe tag team gold is the way to go for Alberto. But who could be the man to tag with Alberto? Maybe another strong heel that also usually stands on his own would be the perfect choice.

For me, Wade Barrett is a man who would greatly benefit from being in a tag team with Del Rio. Barrett has not really been able to keep anything going for very long since his stint as leader of The Nexus and this could be very good for him.

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And for Alberto, his character would mesh very well with Barrett. They could quickly become the strongest tag team in WWE next to The Shield and Del Rio's strength as a singles star would surely carry over to this new duo.

A third option for Alberto Del Rio could be to jump on the corporate bandwagon. What if Del Rio joined The Authority in some fashion? Imagine Del Rio dressed to the hilt in a custom made suit, accompanying Triple H, Kane and Stephanie McMahon to the ring.

Yes, he would be playing second fiddle to Orton as a top level star, but Hunter could put Alberto in key spots on the card to get him over. He would definitely fit the dynamic of The Authority and it could actually help him later on when he is put back on his own once again.

But if it's real change that fans want with Alberto, then perhaps it's time to completely reboot his character. Maybe WWE creatives could come up with an entirely new angle for him that no one has even thought of. It could be something fresh, something new, to totally reinvent Alberto for a new run in the company.

Despite what happens to Alberto Del Rio, I believe there are options for his character in WWE. While he does have his critics, I think that he is a very good heel and definitely still has something to offer. What is the next move for Alberto Del Rio in WWE? Only time will tell.