Florida Fisherman Catches a Rare 800-Pound Stingray off the Coast of Miami Beach

Tristan ThornburghSocial Media StaffNovember 26, 2013

via officialmarktheshark's Instagram

Florida fisherman Mark Quartiano pulled in what USA Today's For The Win believes is an 800-pound Dactylobatus clarkii, also known as a Hookskate.

He caught the massive skate while fishing 500 feet below the surface in what was originally an attempt to bring in a shark for a Japanese TV show.

Quartiano said he caught a similar fish before, but that a ray this size was a first for him.

“I’ve caught one like it before, but never that size, not in the last 30 years that I’ve been doing this,” Quartiano told ABC News, via International Business Times. “It’s a very rare fish. It’s like a big gigantic whipping stingray. It’s a dinosaur.”