Washigton Nationals: Paul LoDuca Just Isn't Doing It

Dwight Townsend-GrayContributor IApril 19, 2008

So Paul LoDuca, now on the 15-day DL, was brought to Washington for his offense.

But he has done nothing to help out the struggling Nats offense at all. In 35 at-bats LoDuca's batting average is .200. Not so good.

Now he does have three doubles with four RBI. However this is not at the performance we brought him here for.

Now let's explore what we gave up. Remember that we traded Schneider for Milledge, so that was a good trade. But we lost Church, who would have been on the bench for LoDuca.

Both Schneider and Church are having good early showings LoDuca is not. First off all he can barely catch the ball. On numerous occasions, I will be at the game and watch him drop a pitch.

His catching form is bad. I'm a catcher myself, and even though I'm at the High School level, I can recognize some of his flaws. 

Second, on the rare occasion he does catch the ball, he can't throw runners out. Zero, I repeat ZERO, nilch, none this year to date. Schneider throws out 50 percent of his runners.

In summary, we lose the best defensive catcher in the league for a good outfielder with talent. So that's alright, but we lost a good outfielder in church for LoDuca, who is supposed to be here for his bat. LoDuca has not delivered that offense to us.

I did not agree with the Nationals moves in the first place, though they were understandable.

Now, I find myself questioning them to a greater extent.