Big Show vs. Randy Orton: WWE Title Feud Proved Big Show Isn't Top Face Material

Sharon GlencrossContributor IApril 9, 2017


If we can take anything away from WWE's woefully dull Survivor Series pay-per-view, it's this: The Big Show, while talented, is simply not cut out to be the company's top babyface.

The awful match between Big Show and Randy Orton stressed everything that's been wrong with the giant's current push.

He's not hugely over with the fans nor was his feud with Orton anything special, as emphasized by the loud “boring” chants from the Boston crowd throughout the match.

Granted, the star has also been hindered by the booking, which has fallen off a cliff in recent times.

As PWTorch's Greg Parks noted Sunday night:

Why did the lawsuit storyline get dropped so suddenly? Will we ever find out just who Big Show's secret benefactor was? Who actually thought the distraction by The Authority was a good way to end a pay-per-view main event? What happened to the tease of a feud between Triple H and Big Show?

This whole nonsensical storyline has made me wonder if the company hasn't secretly brought back Vince Russo. 

But, still, Big Show hasn't performed well in the role at all. Compare his tepid fan reactions to the ovations Daniel Bryan was receiving on a weekly basis when he was pushed in the top spot. 

Big Show interacts with fans at Survivor Series.
Big Show interacts with fans at Survivor Series.from

Per a report from Wrestlezone, via PWI, last month WWE pushed the behemoth because, following lukewarm numbers for Bryan's main event run, it was decided that bigger stars were the way to go.

This is, obviously, dubious reasoning.

While the buyrate figures for Survivor Series haven't come in yet, it's hard to imagine that it did massively well considering the weak, half-hearted build up and significant lack of buzz going in.

The quality of WWE television has also decreased significantly since Big Show took over Bryan's spot. 

A referee comes to Big Show's aid Monday night.
A referee comes to Big Show's aid Monday night.from

One problem may be that Big Show just isn't cut out to be in main events any more. He's getting older—he turned 41 earlier this year—and after years of wrestling a tough schedule, he may not be able to wrestle like a true main eventer these days. 

Besides, after nearly 14 years in the company, it's surely a struggle for the giant to remain relevant and fresh anymore. He’s been everything from a scary monster to a corporate crony to a comedy impersonator.

He’s been turned so many times over the years, it’s nearly impossible to keep track. Fans may want to see someone new in a top spot—like say, Roman Reigns—instead of an aging star.

In the last few months Big Show has proven that he can’t carry WWE as its top babyface. He just doesn't have the charisma, wrestling skills or momentum needed.

He can still be an asset, of course—but it has to be in the midcard.