The Best Mic Drops in Sports

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterNovember 26, 2013

The Best Mic Drops in Sports

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    Have you ever said the perfect thing at the perfect moment?

    If you can't answer that question immediately, the word you're looking for is "No." I say this because dropping the right line at the ideal moment is tantamount to nirvana in terms of the earth-shattering joy it brings.

    You never forget those moments—the ones where you whipped out a miracle quip and royally embarrassed a bully or jackass coworker. These lines are called "mic drops," because after they're delivered, there's nothing else to say. 

    The following are a selection of some of the best literal (and figurative) mic drops to ever occur in the world of sports. They're not always the kindest words, but at the time, they were absolutely and positively necessary.

    These are athletes and coaches who said their piece, dropped the mic and walked away.

15. Enes Kanter Literally Drops the Mic

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    Being a rookie was a fun time for Turkish baller Enes Kanter, who may or may not have been put up to dropping the mic after a brief announcement to Jazz fans. 

14. Shaq Drops the Mic on Kobe

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    Warning: Video contains NSFW language.

    Nobody is safe when the Big Aristotle gets on the mic.

    While we can neither confirm nor deny that Shaq literally dropped the microphone, all you have to hear is the line Kobe tasting O'Neill to understand that the gauntlet was thrown down.

    Even poor Patrick Chewing wasn't safe from O'Neal's rhymes, which flowed with the force of a dry sewer drain on this rap crusade.

13. Steffi Graff: For the Love of Money

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    Steffi Graff once dropped a bomb on a smitten fan who interrupted her service by screaming, "Steffi! Will you marry me?"

    "How much money do you have?" Graff responded.


12. Terrell Suggs Calls Patriots Arrogant, Walks off

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    "Everybody said we couldn't do it. These are the most arrogant (bleeps) in the world. Starting from Belichick on down! Here we go!"

    Beating the Patriots in the 2013 AFC Championship Game felt good for Terrell Suggs—so much so that he felt the need to dispense with the commonly held belief that the Ravens and Patriots might be close friends. 

    Thanks for drawing that line, Suggs. Somebody needed to set the record straight.

11. Shannon Sharpe and Ray Buchanan: Dueling Mic Drops

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    Take your pick of the one-liners, because the beef between Shannon Sharpe and Ray Buchanan was a back-and-forth maelstrom of mic drop moments.

    The two duked it out prior to the 1999 Super Bowl, using the media to relay taunts back and forth.

    My personal favorite is Shannon's head-scratcher: "Do I think people are ugly? Yea, I think he's ugly. But I never said that."

10. Mike Gundy Wants to Puke

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    Head to the 3:07 mark for the mic drop.

    After a win over Texas Tech, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy wanted to chat with journalists about a particular article he had read in the local paper.

    The piece in question was a story about benched Oklahoma State quarterback Bobby Reid. The article alleged that Reid's heart was no longer "in it" at Oklahoma State, and it infuriated Gundy to no end. 

    Fired up from the win, Gundy spent his postgame presser waving around a copy of the article and decimating the writer for "inaccurate" work. The tirade ended on with Gundy saying, "That's all I got to say. Makes me want to puke."

    When you storm out of the room after yelling about being a grown man, you don't need to drop a microphone. 

9. Bryce Harper Fields a 'Clown Question'

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    He should've said it and walked out of the room. 

    Bryce Harper's "clown question, bro" remark spawned a catchphrase craze that Harper has since trademarked

    Harper's response came after a Canadian reporter asked the 20-year-old Mormon if he planned on celebrating a win with a beer.

    Yup—walked into that one.

8. Steve Smith Drops a Warm, Well-Meaning Line

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    Steve Smith is a man of many characters, the most notable being the one where he puts his face in your face and tells you to go to hell.

    A lesser known Steve Smith character, however, is that of the caring teammate—a nurturing role he sometimes plays the wrong way.

    A strong example of Nurture Smith occurred in 2009, when Smith attempted to console his turnover-ridden quarterback, Jake Delhomme. Delhomme—his confidence in pieces after five turnovers—apologized to Smith for his poor play.

    "I never really liked you as a quarterback," Smith answered. "But as a person...I love you as a person."

    Delhomme thanked Smith, and that's where it ended—because there's nothing to say after a line like that.

7. Richard Sherman Introduces the 'They Suck' Game Plan

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    Skip to the 1:03 mark for Sherman's game plan. 

    There's not enough time in the world to cover the amount of mics Richard Sherman has dropped. We simply don't have time.

    However, one the Seattle cornerback's well-worn memes is the "you suck" he enjoys throwing out at opponents. Sherman repeats the line often, but nowhere was its cockiness as clearly illustrated as when Sherman used it to dismiss a camera man.

    Unfortunately for Sherman, "They suck, so we don't need to have a game plan" will probably never end up immortalized on the walls at CenturyLink Field. Then again, you never know with Pete Carroll. 

6. Bury Bob Knight Upside Down

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    Head to the 2:55 mark for the mic drop.

    The climax of Bob Knight's 1994 Senior Day address included a brief love note to his detractors. 

    More specifically, he told fans to "bury [him] upside down" so the critics would have less trouble puckering up.

    To this day, Knight has yet to give even a fraction of a damn.

5. A Check with Larry Bird's Name on It

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    After winning the NBA three-point competition in 1986, Larry Bird thanked the event's sponsors for the prize money he had long considered his.

    "That check's had my name on it for a week now," Bird said. 

    Larry Bird, ladies and gentlemen. We may never see another like him in our lives.

4. Bart Scott CAN'T WAIT

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    Bart Scott wanted the world to know.

    After defeating the Patriots in the 2011 AFC divisional playoffs, the veteran Jets linebacker was ready to go door-to-door screaming victory in the faces his "doubters." 

    Thankfully, he stuck around long enough to fly over to ESPN's Sal Paolantonio and drop what has become a golden standard in sports mic drops. 

    If you're ever flying into Pittsburgh, consider it proper etiquette to wail "CAN'T WAIT!" when the pilot announces you'll be landing in 15 minutes.

3. Steve Smith Tells Aqib Talib to 'Ice Up'

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    After spending the majority of their Week 11 matchup making each other's life as miserable as possible, the showdown between Steve Smith and Aqib Talib shifted in favor of the Panthers veteran.

    The 35-year-old wideout managed to outlast the Patriots cornerback, who left the game in the third quarter due to a recurring hip injury. The Panthers went on to beat New England 24-20, and Smith dropped a gorgeous line during a postgame interview with Albert Breer.

    "What happened between you and Talib earlier in the game?" Breer asked.

    "I don't know, you're gonna have to ask him," Smith answered. "Ice up, son! Ice up!"


2. A Very Larry Christmas

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    Prior to a Christmas game against Indianapolis, Larry Bird approached Pacers small forward Chuck Persons and claimed he "had a present" for him.

    Later in the game, Bird pulled up and hit a big three-pointer in front of the Pacers' bench. After draining the shot, the Celtics star turned to Persons (on the bench) and said "Merry (bleeping) Christmas!"

    Boom. Mic drop in the eye.



1. Michael Jordan Welcomes Dikembe Mutombo to the NBA

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    An underrated trash talker, Michael Jordan picked and chose his targets with expert care.

    He was known for mouthing "He can't guard me" during games and then backing it up. His biggest mic drop line (on film) came before a blind free throw, however.

    "Hey, Mutombo," Jordan said. "This is for you, baby." 

    Jordan then closed his eyes, hit the shot and blew everyone's minds forever.


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