Top 3 Underrated Teams In NBA 2k

ChiCitySports .ComCorrespondent IMay 28, 2009

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Back in December I broke down some of the best teams that don’t get much use in NBA 2K9.  Since then, teams have changed greatly ratings-wise, and some more teams have stood out as being squads that are much better than their popularity would indicate. 

Here are some more teams to run with if you want to switch it up.

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors are one of the highest scoring teams in the NBA year after year, and their roster in 2K9 definitely shows that offensive firepower.  Golden State easily has the deepest backcourt in the NBA, filled with shooters that can rain down the threes, with Ellis, Crawford, and Jackson make for one beastly perimeter trio to start the game. 

The one weakness for the Warriors, and it is a pretty big one, it their froncourt depth.  Biedrins and Turiaf make for a formidable starting duo, but behind them Brandan Wright and Anthony Randoph just don’t get the job done defensively.  As long as you aren’t playing a team with a dominant big man though, the Warriors are a great team to use.

Dallas Mavericks

Dallas isn’t a sexy team, and they’ve really fallen out of the radar as far as popularity goes.  That doesn’t mean by any stretch of the imagination that they aren’t still an extremely talented group to run with. 

Dirk is one of the most underrated players in the game; big men with an outside shot are very hard to stop.  Kidd and Josh Howard are both all stars, and Terry is a crazy-good  scorer coming off the bench that can really make the difference in a game. 

The rest of the team is not overly talented, but still solid enough to be productive.  The Mavs are still one damn good team.

Indiana Pacers

Yeah, that’s right, the Pacers.  A mediocre team no more.  The main reason for this should be obvious:  a man named Danny Granger, who has proved to be an elite swingman that can play multiple positions, and he actually has some decent talent around him this year. 

TJ Ford is a very underrated point guard that can defend well and penetrate with ease, and Daniels, Rush, and Jack at the other guard spot all compliment each other nicely. 

The extremely unheralded frontcourt duo of Troy Murphy and Roy Hibbert is what really makes the Pacers such a great team to use.  Murphy can shoot from the inside and outside, while Hibbert racks up rebounds and is a force in the paint.

So next time you want to switch things up in 2K9, don’t be afraid you’re going to get stuck with a talentless roster of nobodies. 

All three of these teams will are capable of competing with any team in the league.


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