Why Manchester United Will Win the Champions League

Chris VafinisContributor IIIApril 19, 2008

Manchester United, granted they drew today in Premier League, will defeat Chelsea next Saturday, after having beaten Barcelona in the first leg of the semifinals of Champions League. 

If any year will be the one for Man U, this is the one. Besides having the best player in the English league, Christiano Ronaldo, their defence is unbelievable. They have allowed so few goals and continue to pressure the opposition's defence, giving their offence many chances to score. Man U's front group of Rooney and Tevez are so quick and fluid together.

If United face Liverpool or Chelsea, either game will be a classic. The rivalry that lives between either team, especially Liverpool, will provide the extra incentive for a heated game. The bench for United has also given me much confidence since the defeat of Roma in the last round of the Champions League with, for the most part, backups starting.

On a side note, what would inspire Barcelona to give up Ronaldinho to AC Milan?  They already have a spectacular team with Kaka. Now, they add the amazing skills of Ronaldinho to the lineup. We shall see next season how they do. Any Premier League fans, speak up about your team.