Jose Mourinho Borrowed Fernando Torres' Clippers to Cut Hair Himself

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Jose Mourinho Borrowed Fernando Torres' Clippers to Cut Hair Himself
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Jose Mourinho has revealed that he borrowed clippers from one of his Chelsea players, Fernando Torres, to shave his hair off.

The Blues boss gets more than his fair share of attention whenever he makes a change on and off the field, and during the press conference ahead of Chelsea's game with FC Basel, journalists were just as happy asking questions about the manager's hair as they were talking tactics or squad news.

In quotes picked up by the Metro, Mourinho revealed that he'd even sent his wife a picture in advance to see if he would be allowed home:

I decided to do it. I asked Fernando to give me his machine and I did it myself in front of the mirror. It’s nice and cheap.

Mrs Mourinho, I sent a picture before I arrived at home to see if I could go in… Yes, no problem.

Some cruel people would suggest that this has now become Torres' most important assist in almost four years at Chelsea. 

More importantly, Dirty Tackle blog picks up on another odd remark from Mourinho, who seems to be very impressed by his own ability to grow hair.

"Some people can't do what I did," Mourinho added. "In a couple of months I'll have hair again. Some other people cannot do it."

Even if you're bald on top, as some men are, most people can still cut their hair and have whatever hair there is grow back.

Or perhaps it was just the most oblique put-down to Rafa Benitez in the history of oblique put-downs.

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