WWE TLC 2013: Titles Most Likely to Change Hands

Bryan Haas@@thehaastileoneFeatured ColumnistNovember 27, 2013

WWE TLC 2013: Titles Most Likely to Change Hands

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    With arguably their most brutal event of the year looming on the horizon, it is possible that the WWE brass might want to shake things up a bit and have some of their most beloved and popular superstars lose their matches, or in the case of their current champions, their cherished titles.

    As the last pay-per-view of the year, TLC will have to deliver some serious pop in order to leave fans either giddy or enraged, and wondering what will happen next year.

    Some of the champions, like world heavyweight titleholder John Cena, seemed assured of victory, as Cena hardly ever loses matches, much to the chagrin of his detractors.

    On the other hand, a brand new champion like Big E. Langston could easily lose his grasp on his freshly won prize, depending on his opponent. However, Langston has been racking up wins of late, and the company may not want to halt his current progress.

    Whatever the scenario, titleholders of all shapes and sizes should be put on notice. This event is unlike any other. Technical skills and intelligence go right out the window, replaced by brutality and fury.

    And certain people may need to watch out more than others.

WWE Tag Team Championship

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    The Rhodes boys are a very accomplished team as a unit. As brothers, they share a special bond that few duos in wrestling can boast.

    However, with a recent loss to The Real Americans on WWE programming and a loss in a six man tag team encounter to the Shield on Raw this week, these boys might just be nearing the end of their run as WWE tag team champions.

    No strangers to individual success, Cody Rhodes and Goldust make a compelling team. However, they are not tag team specialists. Rather, they are singles competitors thrust together because of extenuating circumstances.

    Their title win in October was dramatic, but with other accomplished teams like The Shield, The Real Americans, The Usos, and even the upstart duo of R-Truth and Xavier Woods breathing down their necks, it begs the question about how long these brothers can stay a cohesive unit and hold on to their titles.

    With TLC looming on the horizon, it will be interesting to see what team steps into the spotlight and tries to snatch the titles away from the Rhodes boys. Plus, should the brothers lose the titles, it could set up a potentially thrilling encounter between the two at a later date.

    And after all, who doesn’t love seeing a little animosity between siblings?

Divas Championship

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    Of late, it seems as if Lee has had a very hard time repelling the challenges of one Brie Bella, who will likely be the one to unseat the champion at the TLC event.

    And a win for Bella would make perfect sense at this point.

    As one of the current faces of the company being plastered all over television with the popular E! network reality show Total Divas, it stands to reason that the company would want to prominently feature Bella, as adding in a championship storyline to the show would make for a decent angle.

    That leaves Lee out in the cold, despite her wild popularity with WWE audiences.

    Strangely, despite her lack of reality show experience, one need only listen to the cheers that the current champion garners week to week to see that they rival, if not better, those of Bella and her television counterparts.

    However, popularity doesn’t always win you prominence or television time.

    Just ask Zack Ryder.

World Heavyweight Championship

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    It might be a blasphemous statement to say that Cena will lose any match. However, it would be a much more compelling ride to see Cena chase a world title rather than already have it in his possession.

    Barely anyone batted an eyelash when Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio at Survivor Series, mainly because the WWE Universe has come to expect Cena to triumph in absolutely every situation.

    And for that reason, his losing the world heavyweight title at TLC is a perfect idea.

    Love him or hate him, Cena puts backsides in seats. The reactions that he gets from crowds might be mixed, but they are the loudest of any superstar on the roster, positive or negative.

    Cena has repelled the threats of every competitor that has come his way over the years. However, it is always much more intriguing to see him fighting the odds rather than it being a foregone conclusion that he will emerge victorious.

    If WWE champion Randy Orton is supposed to be the “face of the company,” why not let him have a moment in the sun before Cena inevitably steps up and steals it back?

    A win over Cena would do wonders for Orton’s reputation, which at the moment just stands as a guy who likes to complain about how no one respects him and constantly needs the assistance of others to win his matches.

    Perhaps beating Cena cleanly will give Orton the boost he needs to truly be taken seriously as a legitimate champion.