Hornets-Mavericks: New Orleans Takes Game One, Dallas Eyes Revenge

Taylor GramAnalyst IApril 19, 2008

Sitting at home, wishing I had seats to the Mavs-Hornets game, I started to realize exactly what the Mavericks were, and were not, doing efficiently; and I've put together a string of top things.

                          WERE Doing Well

  • Moving the ball around and spreading the floor. Avery Johnson realized Dampier and Dirk Nowitzki's defense was not going to be effective on the Hornets low game, and adjusted accordingly.


  • Penetrating to the basket. Jason Kidd would get a pass to someone, preferably Nowitzki or Brandon Bass, on their way to the hoop, there were plenty of times that Brandon Bass got to the basket and finished well, and kept them ahead or in the game (other than the 4th quarter)


                                 Were NOT doing well


  • Low post defense. Tyson Chandler dominated down low, completely unstoppable! And I'm not talking about his scoring. His offensive rebounding was a gamechanging difference. Dallas couldn't contain him to save their lives. This will be the biggest problem of the series for the Mavs.


  • REBOUNDING, emphasis on rebounding, the Hornets were all over the glass, they would get three to four a play! The Mavs looked like they didn't care.


 Well there's your post game analysis, overall the Mavs were dead in the 4th, they didn't try or care any. The Hornets deserved the win the way the Mavs finished. After this, the Mavs will come away with a victory in game two to tie the series.