Breaking Down 5-Star WR Ermon Lane's Highlight Tape

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst INovember 26, 2013

Breaking Down 5-Star WR Ermon Lane's Highlight Tape

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    Ermon Lane is a 5-star receiver who is committed to Florida. At 6'3" and 193 pounds, he has good quickness to surge off of the line on the perimeter.

    Lane has solid speed, but his ball skills and hands are what separate him from other receivers. He has no issues going across the middle, plus he can snatch balls in the middle of crowds. Lane could develop into a No. 1 receiver in Gainesville, as his services will be immediately needed. 

    He's one of the top players in the nation, and he proves that throughout his highlight tape.

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Play No. 1 0:00-0:09

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    Although this entire tape appears to be moving at a pace faster than his normal playing speed, Lane still displays good skills.

    He opens up his highlight tape by doing what he should be able to do routinely at Florida: making a play in the intermediate passing game.

    The future Gator shows solid quickness off of the line, then builds into his route with good speed. Lane does a good job of clearing the linebackers, as he comes out of his break on top of them, but below the secondary. His concentration comes into play as he makes a grab in between several defenders across the middle.

    Lane then shows off his instincts and creativity after the catch, as he uses just enough speed to reach the end zone. 

Play No. 2 0:10-0:20

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    Edwin Weathersby II

    At the beginning of this play, look at Lane explode off of the line of scrimmage. He takes an inside release to gain more leverage for the top half of his route, which appears to be a corner.

    Then, he changes speed after his break to ensure he will not run out of bounds, which is an example of great awareness. Finally, Lane then tracks the ball with his eyes, which results in him making a big play.

Play No. 3 0:21-0:29

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    Edwin Weathersby II

    Lane runs what appears to be a "sluggo" route (slant-and-go). He does an adequate job of selling the slant, but releasing off of the line with a lower pad level would be more ideal here.

    However, there is some noticeable explosion after Lane cuts upfield to execute his go route. This allows him to gain separation from the cornerback covering him on the perimeter.

    Lane then uses his fantastic ball skills to haul in the pass, yet keep an eye on his body control. Look at him patiently adjust to the ball while in the air, which helps him catch the ball with his shoulders square to the end zone.

    Some receivers would have turned to the ball, but Lane's athleticism and patience pays off.

Play No. 4 0:30-0:41

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    Edwin Weathersby II

    This play is a punt return where Lane shows a good stride in the open field.

    He may not be a No. 1 punt returner at Florida, but his reliable hands should make him an option when the Gators need to secure the football on returns.

    Lane takes advantage of the space he is given, then he smoothly gallops upfield by using his solid run-after-catch skills.

Play No. 5 0:42-0:49

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    Edwin Weathersby II

    Lane does an adequate job of showing patience in his release, as part of the plan on this play is to sell the run to draw the coverage forward. 

    Again, notice the quickness out of his break on the corner route. The catch Lane makes on this play sums him up as a receiver, as he goes up and attacks the football with his hands while showing good athleticism and body control.

Play No. 6 0:50-0:57

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    Edwin Weathersby II

    Lane shows good quickness off of the line yet again; however, the catch he makes is even better. He beats a defender on a 50-50 ball by attacking it with his mitts at its highest point.

    This type of catch by Lane will be his trademark in Gainesville.

Play No. 7 0:58-1:05

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    Edwin Weathersby II

    Using an outside release on a deep-fade route, Lane shows graceful athleticism at the beginning of this play.

    He is interfered with by the cornerback when the ball is in the air, but this is where Lane's concentration and ball skills come into play.

    Watch him keenly track the ball with his eyes while using good judgement and adjustment skills. Lane then uses a subtle push-off to create separation at the last minute to catch the ball in the end zone. 

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