Lakers-Nuggets: 'twas the Night Before Denver

John 'Fatty'-FatlandCorrespondent IApril 19, 2008

[Lamar Odom asking St Phil: "All I want for Christmas is an NBA Title"

'Twas the night before Denver and all thru the blog
Not a poster was croaking, not even a frog

The Jock Straps were drying and hung with care
In hopes that the Lakers soon would be there.

The Lakers were settled, asleep in their beds
While visions of titles danced in their heads

The alarm had sounded, it beckoned its call
It must be St. Phil, yelling to all

“Wake up, you Lakers!”, he started to yell.

Now Ronny, Now Kobe!
Now Vlade, Now Mihm!

Come Pau, Come Sasha!
Come Jordie! Come Luke, even him!

“Get up, you Lakers! Get on your feet!”
“A game with the Nuggets, we have to meet.”

So off to the Staples they now flew
Hoping to roast Denver and make some stew.

Into the locker room they had to rush
And who did they see but Dr. Buss

One on his left, and one on his right,
TWO Playboy Bunnies?! Oh, what a sight!

His eyes were beaming, and cheeks were red
He looked at us, and then he said.

“Go Lakers! Go Coaches! Go Fans and Bloggers!”

“We used to lack,  we’re finally BACK!”

“Enjoy the run. Now have some fun
Its my gift to you, We’re Number One!”