Do Comparisons Count?

Baris Gerceker@barisgrckrCorrespondent IMay 28, 2009

ROME - MAY 27:  Lionel Messi of Barcelona scores the second goal for Barcelona during the UEFA Champions League Final match between Barcelona and Manchester United at the Stadio Olimpico on May 27, 2009 in Rome, Italy.  (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

Even BleacherReport asks us, Ruth or Mays, Unitas or Montana, etc. This or that, which one?

Last night's Championship Final game between Barcelona and Manchester United was brought up to the discussion of "Messi or Ronaldo?"

This at least is a comparison of the same era, which makes a slight bit of sense. The question also extends to "Messi or Maradona" or let's head out to other branches of sports and ask—Senna or Schumacher, LeBron or Jordan, Nadal or Becker?

These are simple and fun brainstorming issues, which would only come to a conclusion after the judgement day. After that we will have a long hard look on all of those issues for eternity. We may even get bored—oh another LeBron-Kobe one-on-one in the central arena?

Who cares, I have seen it a zillion times already.

But some definitely take it too seriously. You can see it in forums or websites' reader comments pages. Really ridiculous. It starts to take the fun away.

The question of last night should rather have been "Barça or Man U," rather than "Messi or Ronaldo."

But it is too late now.

Cristiano Ronaldo's responses to the questions about the game is taking it onto him, even more. While he is humble enough to admit Barça's midfield display was a joy to behold, Cristiano still protests to admit Barça was the better side. One should not expect more from a player who previously said, "I should be winning the player of the year."

Modesty doesn't always hurt, does it?

Legends or big name players are often compared. Which one is better?

Times are changing, games and sports are changing continuously also.

It should always be taken into consideration. The finances, the media, the public attention, the technology, they are all at different places right now. Nothing is the same when compared to five years ago, how can one sensibly compare sportsmen in such a manner then?

While F1 cars were all filled with fuel and were driven around like loose cannons in the past, when almost all technology was manual or mechanic was the driver's job harder?

Or is it harder now that the cars are advancing beyond them and all the public attention is getting more and more?

Ten years ago, were NBA players able to be trained as expertly as it is now? Were the shoes and jerseys better?

How about their travelling conditions, would they be compared to the ones of our day?

What would Maradona or Pele turn out to be if they were recruited by an European club's almost perfect youth academy? Would they have become better? Or worse perhaps?

Do these changes always favor the new? Isn't it really possible that the wonder kids of today would have overtaken the legends of the past if they were to be born 30-40 years ago?

Is it all because of modern advancements or talent?

One can never tell.

One should always seize the opportunity to squeeze fun out of it, whatever it is. Discussions are of course a part of the big games and speculations sell. That's a fact. But it should not steal from the core, the fun and entertainment.

In the last night's game, one little guy's game sealing goal celebration of kissing his blue shoes is something and the other guy's constant search for a fight with the opponent's captain is another.

But overall, it was a good game.

The better team played better and justice rewarded them with the most prestigious cup of the year.

Thank God.


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