Survivor Series 2013: Biggest Takeaways from the Latest WWE Event

Sharon GlencrossContributor INovember 25, 2013

Survivor Series was Roman Reigns' night.
Survivor Series was Roman Reigns' night.from

So, with the company's annual Survivor Series pay-per-view now over, what can we take away from the event?

Well, one thing made abundantly clear is that Roman Reigns is on the verge of a very, very major push. Indeed, in the evening's opening 10-man bout, no onenot even the returning Rey Mysteriowas made to look as amazingly strong as Reigns was here.

The star emerged as the sole survivor after eliminating four of his five opponents—all by himself.

Reigns performed like a star, delivering hard-hitting spears to everyone in sight, much to the delight of the fans in Boston. A face turn for the 27-year-old can't be far off either.

As PWTorch's Greg Parks noted on Twitter, this may have been the beginning of the Reigns era.

Fans and critics may have spent the last 18 months calling Ryback the new Bill Goldberg, but based on his phenomenal performance here, Reigns may be the true successor to the WCW legend.

In fact, he may even have the potential to be betterGoldberg was a patchy in-ring worker at best. Truthfully, he had more bad matches in his career than good. Reigns, however, is a fantastic, versatile wrestler, as his work over the past year has illustrated.

Roman Reigns dominated at the pay-per-view.
Roman Reigns dominated at the pay-per-view.from

One thing is for sure: After tonight, his future is looking blindingly bright.

Following his long-awaited return to the company after major knee problems, many eyes were undoubtedly on Mysterio tonight.

So, how did the 38-year-old hold up?

Eh, he was perfectly fine and didn't show too many signs of ring rust. He did look like he was being careful in there, thoughfor obvious reasons. It will be interesting to see how Mysterio performs in the ring in the upcoming days and weeks too.

Mysterio looked good at the pay-per-view.
Mysterio looked good at the pay-per-view.from

Did WWE bring him back too soon? Based on his performance at Survivor Series, I'd say no, but we'll have to wait and see.

Mysterio wasn't the only one to come back at Survivor Series. Former world heavyweight champion Mark Henry made his surprise return and defeated Ryback in a short, mediocre match. Ideally, an injury-free Henry will flourish now as a main event babyface.

But putting him against Ryback—a wrestler whose stock is plummeting right now—probably isn't the best of starts.

Mark Henry is back!
Mark Henry is back!from

What we can garner from the main event?

Well, The Big Show continued to prove he can't really cut it as a top babyface.

His (not very good) match with Randy Orton was besieged with and loud and embarrassing “boring” charts at certain points. The fans in Boston were not amused, and who can blame them? The bout was very average and certainly not worthy of being a main event.

Big Show didn't win at the pay-per-view.
Big Show didn't win at the pay-per-view.from

The giant didn't win the belt either after The Authority came out, distracting him long enough for him to eat an RKO followed by a punt kick.

Big Show's stint on top is presumably—and mercifullyover, but does WWE have anything better lined up?

Eh, maybe not.

World heavyweight champion Cena will seemingly be Orton's new challenger. Why else did Cena come out at the end of the show for a staredown with Orton and the McMahons?

The two may be headed for a unification clash at next month's TLC pay-per-view. Or possibly WrestleMania XXX.

This isn't exactly a welcome development.

While both guys are talented and over, it remains to be seen if fans want to see them face offespecially when you consider how many matches they've had together.

The biggest takeaway from this event? WWE is quickly running out of fresh ideas.