BCS Rankings 2013: Which Teams Got Screwed in Week 14 Standings?

Brian Pedersen@realBJPFeatured ColumnistNovember 25, 2013

BCS Rankings 2013: Which Teams Got Screwed in Week 14 Standings?

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    There are only two weeks left until the BCS bowl pairings are set in stone and preparations begin for those big games. While that's still a lot of time for things to go sideways, the Week 14 standings are starting to settle who will make the Fiesta, Orange, Rose and Sugar Bowls and the BCS National Championship.

    The full standings looks like this:

    1. Alabama
    2. Florida State
    3. Ohio State
    4. Auburn
    5. Missouri
    6. Clemson
    7. Oklahoma State
    8. Stanford
    9. Baylor
    10. South Carolina
    11. Michigan State
    12. Arizona State
    13. Oregon
    14. Northern Illinois
    15. Wisconsin
    16. Fresno State
    17. LSU
    18. Oklahoma
    19. UCF
    20. Louisville
    21. Texas A&M
    22. UCLA
    23. USC
    24. Duke
    25. Notre Dame

    Alabama and Florida State are happy with where they sit in the rankings, but that's probably about it. Everyone else ranked in the top 25 (and a few that aren't in there at all) are likely not happy about their current placement. But who was screwed the most?

    Check out our thoughts in the slideshow, then add your comments below.

Clemson Tigers

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    So, is there an unwritten rule that says playing FCS opponents in November is allowed, but only SEC teams can improve their standing as a result?

    If not, then explain why Clemson (10-1) got passed by Missouri in the latest standings, despite both teams winning? Yes, Clemson moved up from seventh to sixth and are still considered a favorite to get an at-large BCS slot (likely in the Orange Bowl), but was the win over Citadel so worthless it put the Tigers behind Mizzou?

    In previous weeks, SEC teams such as LSU actually improved their overall standing in the BCS after knocking off an FCS foe, and not just because teams above it lost. And South Carolina didn't manage to lose any ground this week, despite beating Coastal Carolina.

Baylor Bears

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    Baylor (9-1) had a national championship-crushing defeat, there's no doubt about that.

    But did the Bears' loss to Oklahoma State—arguably the hottest team in college football right now and currently ranked seventh—justify dropping from fourth to ninth?

    Not only did Baylor fall behind previous one-loss teams Auburn, Clemson and Missouri, but it also finds itself behind Stanford and its two losses (one of which is to a 4-7 team). And assuming South Carolina can beat Clemson this week, odds are that two-loss team will pass Baylor as well.

Michigan State Spartans

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    Michigan State (10-1) is locked into the Big Ten title game, where it will have a chance to earn an automatic BCS bid if it were to beat Ohio State in Indianapolis in two weeks.

    Meanwhile, the Spartans are still stuck behind three teams that, as it stands, will have their regular seasons end without a championship game appearance. Baylor, Clemson and South Carolina are all hoping for BCS at-large bids, yet each is ahead of Michigan State.

    Kinda tells you what winning a division counts for in the BCS.

Fresno State Bulldogs

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    Fresno State (10-0) gave its home crowd a powerful sendoff by putting up 69 points against New Mexico on Saturday, getting 820 yards of total offense and seven touchdowns from superstar QB Derek Carr.

    It was a way of telling the fans that this is what they could expect if they travel to the Fiesta Bowl to see the Bulldogs play in the BCS. At least, that's what the message was intended to be, before FSU fell behind Northern Illinois in the latest rankings.

    That drop was critical, because only one non-automatic qualifier is likely to get a BCS invite, and that's now Northern Illinois. You can probably chalk that up to NIU getting ESPN exposure on weeknights the past two weeks, while FSU was on the lesser-watched CBS Sports Network.

UCF Knights

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    After a few weeks of sluggish performances that rightfully affected its standing, UCF (9-1) put up a dominant performance against Rutgers last Thursday.

    It was so dominant that the Knights fell from 18th to 19th in the rankings, falling further behind Fresno State and Northern Illinois and their BCS-busting resumes. The American Athletic Conference is, far and away, the least respected of the BCS conferences, and UCF failing to rise in the rankings despite winning each week is a prime example of that disrespect.

Duke Blue Devils

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    Week after week, Duke (9-2) continues to surprise the college football world with wins that, while not always pretty, are enough to continue the best season in school history.

    But the BCS is not impressed. Even though the Blue Devils have made it into the rankings for the first time ever, at No. 24, that's still a long ways away from getting a shot at an at-large bid despite what's likely to be an ACC divisional title and a shot at Florida State.

    Even worse, Duke is ranked behind four teams that have three losses, none of which will have a real chance to make the BCS either as an at-large or by winning a conference title.

Cincinnati Bearcats

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    An earlier slide mentioned the overall disrespect the American Athletic Conference gets in the college football world, not to mention the BCS. And this goes beyond the league losing automatic-qualifier status in the new playoff system set to debut next season.

    But it's not just league leader UCF or Louisville (the lowest-ranked one-loss team in the standings) that's gotten the shaft. Just look at Cincinnati (9-2), which has beaten Rutgers and Houston on the road the past two weeks and is still alive for the league title, yet it's not even ranked.

    The Bearcats have two ways to make the BCS: win out and have UCF lose twice, or have UCF lose once and hope they finish ahead of the Knights in the BCS ratings. But that would require actually being ranked for that scenario to be a possibility.