Top 10 Game-Changing Plays of Week 13 of College Football

Randy ChambersAnalyst INovember 24, 2013

Top 10 Game-Changing Plays of Week 13 of College Football

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    Crazily enough, there weren't many plays that stood out in Week 13 of the college football season. Sure, there were plays that helped changed the outcome of games and made up some of the biggest upsets of the season, but there wasn't a Georgia-Auburn last-second-type play that you will be able to take with you.

    Don't let that discourage you, though. There were still plays that came at the right time in some of college football's top games that played a huge impact on the outcome.

    Whether it was a tip-drill interception or a touchdown dive that made one running back look like Superman, here are your top game-changing plays of Week 13.

10. Unbelievable

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    There wasn't one particular play in the Georgia Southern-Florida game that should be considered a game-changer. Truly, there wasn't a fascinating play that will be played over and over again.

    Instead, the entire contest was game-changing.

    Florida lost to Georgia Southern 26-20 in what may be the worst loss in the program's history. The FCS program not only took the Gators' money, but it was able to leave Ben Hill Griffin Stadium with a win.

    Try not to cringe at the highlights.

9. Touchdown Huskies!

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    Temple jumped out to a 21-point lead, and it looked like Connecticut was going to lose yet another football game. But the second half was completely different, as the Huskies tied the game up late in the fourth quarter.

    And then it happened.

    P.J. Walker dropped back to pass and Yawin Smallwood jumped the route and returned the interception 59 yards for the score. Touchdown Huskies! And the winless season is no more.

    Oh, this play is going to haunt Temple fans for quite some time.

8. That's Hurricane Football

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    You can really start to doubt yourself when your team loses three games in a row. The best way to regain that confidence and break out of the funk is to break off a big play.

    Very few are better at doing just that than Miami Hurricanes receiver Stacy Coley. His short reception led to a 62-yard touchdown run that gave Miami a comfortable 14-3 lead over Virginia.

    These types of plays helped the Hurricanes win seven straight to begin the season. Sticking to the formula gave Miami its eighth win of the year and snapped a heartbreaking losing streak.

7. It's Not Fair

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    Give Memphis credit for giving Louisville a scare, but the Tigers simply didn't have enough horses to compete with the Cardinals for 60 minutes.

    Take this 39-yard touchdown by DeVante Parker, for example. Memphis had chances to bring him down, but it just couldn't catch up to the junior receiver. He even started doing a little high step once he cleared a couple of potential tackles.

    This score put Louisville up 14-3 and eventually led to the team's 10th win of the season.

6. Game over

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    San Diego State entered the matchup against Boise State as considerable underdogs. But that didn't bother the home team.

    With the game in overtime, the Broncos were forced to settle for a field goal. That's when Quinn Kaehler found Colin Lockett in the corner of the end zone for the game-winning touchdown.

    Another upset!

    San Diego State just made the Mountain Division in the MWC quite interesting.

5. He's Baaack

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    It's been a long season for Georgia and running back Todd Gurley, who is just one of many Bulldogs who has been limited due to injury. But when he makes plays like this, you know it's going to be a long day for the opposing team's defense.

    Georgia already had a 7-0 lead when Gurley caught a screen pass from Aaron Murray and dove about five yards into the air for the touchdown.

    In 3...2...1...Liftoff!

    That's insane athleticism, folks.

4. He Didn't Even See Him

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    There's never any in between with UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley. He either plays out of his mind or makes enough mistakes for the Bruins to lose a handful of games in one.

    His interception that led to a touchdown showed what type of game he was going to play against Arizona State.

    Hundley looked to swing the ball out to his running back when Carl Bradford put his paws up and snagged the pick. He then jogged into the end zone for the 18-yard score.

    This play put Arizona State up 21-10 and took all of the energy out of the Rose Bowl.

3. Where's the Defense?

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    Texas A&M was already on the ropes down 14-3 with LSU driving once again. Jarvis Landry scored one of those touchdowns, but the Aggies secondary still wasn't up to putting on a body on him.

    He slipped past the defense and caught a wide-open pass.

    Bang. Touchdown LSU to extend the lead to 18 points.

    Landry finished the game with 87 yards and two touchdowns. He also showed that can play a fantastic air guitar.

2. Not Today

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    Although Baylor couldn't find the end zone in the first half, it was only down 11 points early in the third quarter. Well, that changed real quickly when Clint Chelf threw the ball to Tracy Moore in one-on-one coverage. Moore hauled in the pass and trotted 56 yards into the end zone.

    This touchdown gave the Cowboys a 21-3 lead and had the crowd going absolutely nuts. It also showed the Bears that they were going to get beat by their own game.

    Oklahoma State dominated the rest of the contest and won 49-17.

1. What a Pick!

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    Arizona made plenty of huge plays in its win over Oregon. However, the interception on the first play of the game really set the tone for everything else that took place.

    After an Oregon receiver bobbled the football, defensive back Shaquille Richardson was smart enough to bat the ball back into the field of play. That's when Scooby Wright had the concentration and the great hands to secure the pick.

    Just the way they planned it.

    This play led to a Ka'Deem Carey touchdown and 49 points, as the Wildcats upset the Ducks in impressive fashion.